quartered in a sentence

Example sentences for quartered

On the creaky wooden floor is painted a large white circle quartered by a cross.
The ground floor was a stable in which he quartered his mule, a cow, and a few scrawny chickens.
Add a quartered egg to each plate and drizzle eggs with a little more dressing.
Four thousand sailors and civilians are currently quartered there.
Some maps are halved or quartered because they didn't fit on a page.
Stuff the cavity with the garlic, quartered onion, and sliced celery.
Guests are quartered in double bedrooms with private baths.
The inmates were quartered in the wagons shown in the picture.
With the permission of the owners, officers were quartered in private homes.
Third, projected group quartered population is added to projected household population.
Patriot troops were also quartered in this vicinity on many other occasions.
All tires used to fill land must be split, quartered, or shredded.
The remaining mixture is recombined and quartered, as indicated above, until the appropriate size of sample is obtained.

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