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Example sentences for quarry

Three other prisoners who were on the quarry ledge escaped injury by leaping 40 feet into a sandpit.
Pavers and quarry tile are designed especially for heavy-duty floor use.
The students participated in an archaeological dig at a lime quarry here.
It's an old quarry turned into a horticultural dreamscape.
And it can be dangerous, say, if an enemy strikes while the snake's coiled around its quarry.
After one more cautious step, she spotted her quarry: a cluster of platter-size bubbles frozen into the ice.
When the moment is right a cheetah will sprint after its quarry and attempt to knock it down.
Workers digging in a stone quarry happened to notice a stone block with marks carved onto its surface.
Packs hunt antelopes and will also tackle much larger prey, such as wildebeests, particularly if their quarry is ill or injured.
Since she is already fourteen, she should work in the quarry with the rest of her people.
And fishermen continue to curse the marauders that gut their quarry, leaving nothing to reel in but lips and gills.
When our ball rolled onto her property, she seized it and waddled into her back yard and pitched it into the quarry.
The streets then had the feel of a hunting ground where you were the quarry with no room to run.
Power up snow makers and make snow in a pound or quarry.
Many of his experiments have been carried out in an abandoned quarry near his office.
What's more, they're interested in buying books about their quarry.
The government's pursuit was as erratic as its quarry.
Limestone rock borders recall the history of the site as a limestone quarry and reflect our local geology.

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