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Example sentences for quarrel

The quarrel was splendidly acrimonious.
His quarrel is not with culture, only with our uses of it.
I've no quarrel with whatever your policies are.
Playing in the snow, two bunnies quarrel and then learn to share.
The quarrel over the ads overshadowed the event.
Our quarrel happened six years ago.
My only quarrel with your piece would be with your assertion that we have to somehow entirely separate science and religion.
The surprise is that it has prompted an unusually public quarrel.
At its heart, the quarrel is economic.
He told me that in his courses, graduate students quarrel over who can sit nearest him.
Now to continue our review of the situation from the time that the quarrel, if there is a quarrel, began.
Whales breach along the waterfront, and bald eagles quarrel in backyards.
My only quarrel with this sticker is that evolution is a theory of the origin of species, not the origin of living things.
What had been a religious quarrel was now also a quarrel between nationalities, nationalisms, and nations.
Now the two remind staffers of an old married couple that quarrel harmlessly.
It is a philosophical quarrel that will never be resolved.
We have not much quarrel with him on this ground, however.
Devotees of this incandescently funny novel may quarrel with my brief summary here.
They are relaxed about letting the quarrel drag on beyond that.
The unresolved quarrel over the debt ceiling is reason enough all by itself for a lower rating.
Pale faces, natives of this coast, turned to witness the quarrel.
The result was a prolonged, publicly subsidized quarrel over the definition of family.
The coward may begin hostilities, but the brave are left to shed their blood in the quarrel.
We can not afford, in the strictest view of dietary responsibility, to quarrel with them for it.
The whole town ran to arms to revenge this quarrel, the streets were filled with dead bodies, and the waters ran with blood.
Lest others take part in the quarrel and the pack is diminished by war.
The public and avowed origin of this quarrel was on taxation.
His intent was to use the gun as a prop to lighten the mood of their quarrel.
Some people, of course, would quarrel with the notion that literary merit can be quantified.
The quarrel between the two sides began on their home planet.
The goddess's foot shook convulsively as, in her sleep, she suffered over the quarrel.
He did not want our conversation to end on a quarrel with her.
Their quarrel now is mainly about its final dimensions-and about their own unrequited demand for statehood alongside it.
For those who follow this intriguing quarrel, there are new developments to report.
If they quarrel or snuggle too close, it is either disastrous or pointless.
In truth, both sides to this looming quarrel should do more to accommodate each other.
Already losing popularity, they can hardly afford to quarrel.
They feel themselves becoming ever stranger to themselves, ever more weirdly historical, with every step and quarrel and kiss.
Which is why one hesitates to quarrel with any of her judgments.
Nobody could quarrel with that declared selectivity in itself.
They quarrel, reminisce, try to trick their way closer to the empty counter.
His quarrel with the world-so he must think-is not philosophical, but is merely a quibble about which ethnic group is culpable.
He does not appear to quarrel with the previous aims of those organizations.
It all began a year and a half ago, with a quarrel over a bowl of water.
As other inmates joined the quarrel, the disturbance grew to the point that available staff could not control the situation.
They enjoy working in small groups, but may still quarrel.
We have no quarrel with the principles of law stated in those cases.
My quarrel with the majority is not with the result that it would reach on the merits of the case.
Best friends quarrel often, but can usually work out problems between themselves.
Some people quarrel with the definition of poverty, while others think that the situation is worse than is usually represented.

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