quandary in a sentence

Example sentences for quandary

These abstruse works are nevertheless worth the effort, giving a unique spin on the quandary of living in an inexplicable world.
He is in a quandary or quite confused.
We have long been in a quandary over a name for the boat.
Investors are in a quandary because no one knows how the stock market will behave this summer.
It's a quandary that I don't have the answer to.
But here again we are caught in a quandary of our own making.
The plot examines the quandary of how to go about finding out who we really are when the rug is pulled from under us.
The discovery helps to clear up a quandary.
We are in a horrible moral quandary.
She is soon thrust into a series of deceptions and a perilous quandary.
If the poor addict had only a choice between these two addictions, there would be little quandary.
In the following pages, you'll meet three individuals, each facing a different medical quandary.
For the companies notified, the investigation presents a quandary.
Slowing sales are putting developers everywhere in a quandary.
It is not an economic quandary, but rather one of self-perception and future path.
Some consumers find themselves in a quandary over environmental issues.
Employee transportation was not the only logistical quandary confronting planners.
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