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Example sentences for qualms

Although she was nervous about what the publisher would think, she doesn't have any qualms about kids' reactions.
Other researchers say they have several qualms about those conclusions.
When the report arrived, our qualms were confirmed.
And since it is indeed a wish list, I've got no qualms about getting purely hypothetical about it.
While he was composing it, he began to feel some qualms.
He didn't have qualms about being shorter.
One day she may well write a good book - as indeed she will, in a sequel - but she has no qualms.
So I don't have too many qualms about putting a mosquito out of its misery.
And it has no qualms about eating the odd hiker in a pinch.
The committee's qualms with the current clearance process did not stop with the pathway to the market.
In static sites all the qualms about the fragile ceramics go away.
Quite naturally, many humans have qualms about eating a family member.
We are all monkeys and have well established brain modules for endless comparison and status qualms with our fellow monkeys.
And it certainly helps if you either arrive alone or have a partner who has no qualms about living there.
They have no qualms about using the personal lives of their family members, lovers, and friends in their work.
He told me how in their minds, because they are fanatics, they never have any qualms or human feelings about it.
She takes the law into her own hands and has no qualms about using violence and inflicting pain.
Physicists may argue about what the theory means, but fortunately for the rest of us they have no qualms about working with it.
Bush has no moral qualms with taking the lives of human beings.
The chipmaker never had any ideological qualms about co-operating with government.
It focuses exclusively on material well-being, and so fails to engage with people's moral qualms about business.
Every one of those animals is a nasty creature with no qualms about killing humans.
But buyers' tastes are changing and they have increasing qualms about the environment.
Reliance spokesmen admit to no qualms about the scale of this undertaking.
Meanwhile, she goes fishing and has no qualms about eating what she catches.
And their qualms about it grow as a pregnancy progresses.

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