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Life expectancy at birth is also a measure of overall quality of life in a country and summarizes the mortality at all ages.
Advanced liquid crystal displays may soon improve the quality of life of anyone who uses laptop and hand-held computers.
Better ways to avert brain damage could dramatically improve patients' quality of life.
National pride can also improve your quality of life.
Treatment is difficult, and depending on quality of life and degree of expression.
These are the solutions needed to truly allow healthcare to be universal and to create a better quality of life.
He had to overlook crime, traffic, and quality of life issues to say more people in less space is more efficient.
Panic disorder imposes serious restrictions on patients' quality of life.
It's also threatening to the quality of life for humans.
As a scientific journal it is easy to publish esoteric articles with no immediate implications for your quality of life.
These may not be the things one would consider innovations for improving the quality of life in cities, and they are not.
The guiding principal for us was to try to construct more equality and quality of life.
Imagine insurance companies dictating your quality of mobility, not to mention your quality of life.
Redesigning civilization along these lines would bring a quality of life few of us can imagine.
The treatment has the potential to improve quality of life for amputees and decrease their limitations.
Our quality of life is an order of magnitude better than it ever was.
Port-au-Prince never provided a great quality of life for its people.
Yet in many ways it seems our quality of life has decayed markedly in the last half-century.
Palliative care is a field of medicine that has the mission of relieving suffering and improving quality of life.
Patients report improved quality of life and mental functioning after liver transplantation.
He decided to focus instead on studying cancer and discovering new ways to improve patients' quality of life.
Improvements in teacher preparation must be paralleled by improvements in teachers' quality of life.
Business-facing universities can have an impact on quality of life as well as prosperity.
The quality of life of these workers matters--and it should matter to everyone.
But the quality of life argument has to be taken into account.
Patients will first be surveyed to measure their anger, hopefulness, and quality of life.
Without it, though, her quality of life was truly horrible.
They find wealth in preserving their traditions and quality of life.
Communities with natural beauty and a high quality of life are magnets for businesses, working families and retirees.
Another is that the local residents' quality of life should improve as the ecosystem's health improves.
Water is more than a resource, it is a life source which determines the quality of life of people around the world.
The first thing that struck me about the delta was the poor quality of life for the people living there.
Folks are taking shorter trips, and they want their hotel to be part of the quality of life experience that traveling represents.
One interesting thing to me is that the indices of development have no capability to measure quality of life.
He concluded right then that extra people equal a poorer quality of life, he says.
They look at cost of living differently and quality of life.
Whether this equates to quality of life is another question.
Moreover, autopsies could provide vital information about how to improve quality of life with advancing age.
De-stigmatizing their condition is essential for both improving their daily quality of life and progressing as a civilization.
Your size not merely affects appearance, but also the actual quality of life.
Someone's size not merely affects appearance, but also the complete quality of life.
Researchers also looked at the quality of life among the patients who separated or divorced.
People's size not merely affects the look, but also the quality of life.
Overpopulation is bad, but weighed against the quality of life of little brown people it seems less of a concern.
Someone's size not merely affects the look, but also the overall quality of life.
Ones size not only affects the look, but also the general quality of life.
Only quality of life was not significantly different between the two groups.
People's first priorities will be having prosperity, jobs and a good quality of life.
Ones size not merely affects the look, but also the actual quality of life.
Someone's size not simply affects appearance, but also the actual quality of life.
He's still mildly anaemic, but he enjoys a good quality of life.
Such ethical behavior facilitates civilized living and improves the quality of life for everyone.
Quality of life tends to be better, poverty rates lower, and education levels higher.
Wide spread use of positive motivational methods will increase successes and quality of life.
Yet they improve the quality of life of those with devastating diseases which involves suffering without any relief.
It is lauded for its cosmopolitan feel and quality of life.
Consumption surveys, which track what people actually spend, sketch a more lifelike portrait of the material quality of life.
But later years may come with a diminished quality of life.
Few would dispute that it offers an attractive quality of life, and it has good transport links.
For many skilled professionals who can pick and choose their place of work, quality of life matters a lot.
But they do affect people's quality of life and well-being.
But, then, an increasing number of consumers around the world are willing to pay for such improvements in the quality of life.
And smaller may be better quality of life compared to a megacity.
These cities need to focus on enhancing quality of life, supporting experimentation, and reaffirming local economies.
For quality of life and protection of the weak, his country remains at the top of the league.
Improve the quality of life for the current population and build wealth.
And the reason had approximately zero to do with taxes, per se, and much to do with quality of life.
As a result of these and other changes, workers made gains in wages, benefits and quality of life over the last century.
One reason was the deteriorating quality of life for many people caused by traffic congestion and overcrowding on commuter trains.
Problems of pollution, congestion, and the quality of life will have to wait for later budgets.
But experts say that because technology has sufficient potential to become more efficient, our quality of life need not decline.
But an abrupt break would be catastrophic for our economy and quality of life, not to mention national security.
He went for the fishing and stayed for the quality of life there.
It's not anything anyone would be proud of, and it starts with quality of life.
Such quality of life issues are nearly impossible to measure, though this hasn't stopped many people from trying.
Migraine headaches are a source of pain, loss of work, and decreased quality of life for a significant number of people.
Sustainable communities share a common purpose: places where people thrive to enjoy good health and create a high quality of life.
By the jobs they can find and the quality of life those jobs offer.
Preventive health experts also point out that there is a difference between survival and quality of life.
How long it endures and the quality of life it can support do not depend alone on the immutable laws of physics.
Research does show it can dramatically improve patients' quality of life.
Provide social services for related medical problems to help each resident achieve the highest possible quality of life.

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