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Part of the demand is also driven by the snob factor: at luxury stores, higher prices are often considered a mark of quality.
Indoor air quality first became a focus of attention in the 1980s.
At some point, quality gives way to quantity.
The industry is booming as quality and quantity improve
And plasma continues to set the bar in picture quality.
Chinese cities have some of the worst air quality in the world.
People who have more money can buy all sorts of things that improve the quality of their lives.
Now, several California companies are making high-quality crème fraîche, and it's turning up in more grocers' cases.
She wraps salmon in pancetta for a smoky flavor, then accents its richness with top-quality olive oil and vinegar.
There is only one appliance, a high-quality grill large enough to handle several cooking tasks at once.
His deadpan evocation of flat, bright figures had an everyday quality that linked them to commercial art and popular culture.
Sarcasm has a two-faced quality: it's both funny and mean.
You're not able to step back and see the whole thing because of the water quality.
Kudos for that as well as the quality of the three images.
The slow-cooked meal was designed to stretch low-quality cuts of meat and make them more flavorful.
It's great to have the opportunity to read a good quality article with useful information on topics.
It's a kind of marvelous jumble of mediums, periods and quality you wouldn't find anywhere else.
To test for quality and uniformity, they ate regular items and offered suggestions for.
Psychological research suggests chin shape may be a physical signal of the quality of a mate.
Germans know they can trust the quality of their meat.
Images in e-mails are re-rendered for the screen at an uncomfortably low quality.
After watching dozens of videos, overall playback quality was razor sharp, with true-to-life motion and sparkling audio fidelity.
The photos and text layouts are of magazine quality, and the cookies are divided into inviting categories.
Money often buys higher-quality goods, but not when it comes to running shoes.
But the high quality of its reserves magnifies its importance in world markets.
There is a familiar quality to the multi-generational family holiday homecoming that nicely blends drama and comedy.
If a business has top quality merchandise and great customer service, then people will come no matter where it's located.
Your photo will be custom framed using high-quality wood and double matted for added durability.
The dramatic quality of his talent is manifest in many of his tales, of which some were adapted by the author for the stage.
He bestows on every object or quality its fit proportions neither more nor less.
Of real poetical quality it has little, but abundant technical cleverness.
In a related quality-a defect-his leadership is even more conspicuous.
Part of the afternoon had waned, but much of it was left, and what was left was of the finest and rarest quality.
Every dark form in the dimness had its ominous quality, its peculiar suggestion of alert watchfulness.
Students and employers are rightly wary of the quality of online courses.
Some private-equity investors in higher education have become known for putting fast growth and quick profits ahead of quality.
As for quality: it's all about the specific department.
For colleges eager to attract the best students, the quality of student housing is a key selling point.
The committee has agreed to explore credit transfers, exchange programs, and quality control in universities across the region.
Their quality of life becomes nonexistent, they are in pain from some fatal disease, and they decide to cut their losses.
Younger teachers are usually the first to be let go, even though seniority does not necessarily ensure quality.
But for a double-reversal, water quality would have to be much better.
The quality of economic statistics is often dubious in developing countries, for example.
As carmakers have churned out ever more cars, quality has deteriorated.
The penny-lower price can then raise questions in the buyer's mind about quality.
The effort shows that it's possible to cheaply identify food ingredients and do quality control.
He notes that researchers reused the same roll of tape many times without any change in x-ray quality.
They are kids, not products that need to be quality controlled.
But as someone who had previously studied perception in bees, he knew that it was original, high-quality research.
Unless you're a robot, your speech has a musical quality to it.
Moreover, when they did, their songs exhibited poor acoustic quality.
But many scientists have criticized the quality and availability of these stem cell lines.
Already some countries have recognized that embracing the transformation can bring growth, jobs and better quality lives.
He helped the group develop new air quality guidelines that set out global goals to reduce deaths from pollution.
High-quality, multi-functional gear for every photo explorer.
With factories multiplying and car ownership surging, the cities' air quality has plummeted.
Judged on creativity and photographic quality, a first place winner was selected in each category by a panel of experts.
Runoff from agricultural and urban areas hurts water quality.
Carvers and stone sculptors have left utilitarian objects and artworks of surprising aesthetic quality.
But as the range's popularity has increased, so has the quality of nearby accommodations.
The food sold at bodegas, small markets, and convenience stores in inner cities is frequently of poor quality and cheap.
The substantive quality is evident too, whatever one's ideological predispositions.
Looking at a wider array of measures about the quality of life may better explain that uneasiness.
But since the airlines legally could not compete on price, they competed on quality instead.
Our objective is a limited staff reduction that won't affect the quality, ambition or authority of our journalism.
It seems, in short, as if the large audience that still exists for quality fiction hardly notices poetry.
All durum makes firmer cooked pasta than common flour does, but not all durum is alike in hardness or quality.
It is skill in weaving sounds, rather than voice production, which determines the quality of the singer.
There aren't that many other web sites that streams high quality video.
The dry sunlight and the green summer landscapes have been invested with a sinister quality which must be new in literature.
To get a flavor that matched, the filling was all about the quality of the chocolate.
Though she embodies every physical quality you'd expect of a top model, the stereotypes end there.
Welch's range is not wide and her voice has a mournful, vernacular quality.
Synthesizers add a bright and lapidary quality that doesn't always fit the lyrics.
But there was a stilted quality to the word choice and the phrasing.
For whatever reason, vocal programs have shot up in number and quality in the past few years.
There was an arbitrary, haphazard quality to the books in our house, as there was to certain other aspects of our material lives.
There was a new quality, almost an iciness, to the way he played now.
There is a literary quality to their all-caps urgency and secret jargon.
Some see him as a lightweight cheerleader, others as the last, best defender of quality journalism.
Its effervescence lends perfume a spiritual quality.
There's a mystical, magical quality that comes with being pampered high in the mountains in the middle of the dark woods.
We restrict rapid posting of multiple comments for quality reasons.
He went for the fishing and stayed for the quality of life there.
Its workers had falsified critical quality-control data.
His prose had an emotionally rich, poetic quality that impressed her.
The quality has varied, from exemplary to star-chamber.
It is important to get the feel of a book-the texture of its paper, the quality of its printing, the nature of its binding.
The originality and the quality of these e-books would legitimate a new form of scholarly communication and revive the monograph.
We take the side of things and try and evoke their nocturnal, mineral quality.
But experts say that because technology has sufficient potential to become more efficient, our quality of life need not decline.
Lack of planning meant that soils were often of poor quality or did not have adequate drainage.
So, the lower quality isn't necessarily a criticism.
He argues that intelligence and artistic creativity evolved to signal high genetic quality to potential mates.
But when the quality of the recycled plastic goes down, so does that percentage.
Those varieties won out because of their good yield, disease resistance, and high-quality grain.
One can imagine it would have been a dangerous quality among our ancestors as well.
That's an essential quality if they are ever going to have any practical applications.
The main difference is that they're not as pithy in the supplements, and the graphics are lower quality.
It is happening already with low-quality video-chat technologies.
And when newspapers were more economically stable, they could indulge in paying quality science writers.
Of course, it makes sense that photographs should be enhanced to complement typographical quality.
Ask many experts for the secret of success in such a system and they're likely to point to persistence and high quality content.
New technology will allow high-quality audio in a virtual world.
Synchrotrons are huge facilities that can produce intense, high-quality x-ray beams for scientific purposes.
The same high-quality form of silicon that is used inside many new computers could soon be rolled up on a sheet of plastic.
That's because it's difficult to control how thickly these materials are printed, which affects the quality of the device.
Multicrystalline is cheaper, but it is lower quality.
Many have no scientist, no labs, no quality control and no experience.
We built a rigorous drug validation program and brought new standards of quality to our field.
Crazy thought, improve the quality of our vehicles and more people may buy them.
Fink's fibers channel a high-powered laser through a hollow core lined with a high-quality mirror.
Making these thin, high-quality silicon films is one thing, but handling them is quite another.
But the scarcity and variable quality of this tissue makes it an impractical therapy.
Ever since using the software, we've had faster turnaround of reports without sacrificing the consistency and quality of reports.
You'll also want to use good quality chocolate in the mousse.
Since this cheater's mousse is only made with chocolate and cream, its success depends on the quality of the chocolate.
Lower-priced shops were generally rated better for quality.
If the next batch of pieces is as high in quality and as brilliantly performed as the first, listeners have much to anticipate.
It's mainly for people who want an independent opinion about the quality of the funds they are in.
We provide access to a number of specialized models and tools for water quality managers.
Mission is to protect human health and the quality of air, land, and water.
Quality improvement measurement, tools, and information.
Free-range and organic chickens have different degrees of freedom to move and are raised on varying levels of higher-quality feed.
Astute shoppers may question the quality of goods offered with coupons.
Most consumers who buy fragrance are responding to the reputation of the brand, the quality of the product or the price.
The company maintains a mixed reputation on quality, though, in the midst of an increasingly tough economic climate.
Underneath all that noise, however, researchers are quietly looking at teacher quality.

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