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Newton described what happens when gravity is active, but he did not know a qualitative explanation.
Our difference with animals is a qualitative one.
Maybe you could sit on the porch and yell positive things to the teenagers, would be a good qualitative study I believe.
The trajectory of human development has to be judged in qualitative terms.
The most interesting changes in civic life are qualitative, not quantitative.
First year physics and chemistry students learn the difference between qualitative and quantitative and why it's important.
We need to go from quantitative growth to qualitative growth.
Finally, your thesis is supported by a focus-group qualitative survey method.
These studies would benefit a lot by including some qualitative information.
Research and analysis of cellular processes have been very qualitative.
Now's the time for some qualitative thinking amongst economists, sociologists, psychologists and even archaeologists.
Ethnography focuses on a qualitative examination of human behavior.
Or even better, understanding should enable to predict qualitative result of experiments without any math.
Some people argue about qualia, which is a term referring to the qualitative feel of consciousness.
Intelligence is a nebulous quality that has no definition that leads to qualitative measurements.
Reputational surveys are widely criticized, he says, but they do provide a check on certain kinds of qualitative measures.
It's all qualitative, and it's all you judging their work.

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