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Because the scheme makes it so easy to distinguish products that qualify for the various point levels.
The nine group winners and the best second-place team qualify automatically.
The only caveat is that any financial aid you would otherwise qualify for will be reduced by the amount of the benefit.
Firms that qualify for the index tend to be under the government's cosh.
Please ask your academic advisor to verify that this internship would qualify for credit hours.
As someone pointed out they don't really qualify as moons.
Here are three ideas-one to skewer on each tine of a pitchfork-that might qualify as fiendish food, be it in name or in execution.
Foliage is showy enough to qualify this plant for a display spot in the garden.
Since these kids never fully lose contact with reality, they don't qualify for any of the existing psychotic disorders.
But if you paid other eligible expenses, you may use them to qualify for another benefit for which you are eligible.
Students who qualify for the reduced rate would still receive need-based aid, if eligible.
Please ask your academic adviser to verify that this internship would qualify for credit hours.
It is up in the air whether research on cells created this way qualify for federal funding under current restrictions.
But if personhood is defined more broadly, chimpanzees may well qualify.
There are two ways to qualify for the exclusion of foreign-earned income.
Swap dealers used to be able to qualify for exemptions to hedge their risk after they wrote a swap.
Some of the newfound objects may be large enough to qualify as dwarf planets.
Then call the program officer or appropriate grant representative to confirm that you and your project qualify.
Seismic vibrations do not qualify as signals unless they are being received and understood.
Two: squash needs to have a use, cause it does not qualify as food.
When are people going to wake up and realize that skin color does not qualify people for a job.
He contends that the workers were treated as freelancers even though they qualify as employees under the law.
However, those who fail to qualify are actually offered free remedial instruction to try and qualify in subsequent terms.
Only a handful of countries in the region are poor enough to qualify for the bank's soft loans and handouts.
The sheer wildness of the place, the profusion of seabirds, and its unrelenting beauty would qualify the place easily.
And yet it's much too shallow to qualify as an opinion piece or editorial.
To qualify for the trial, patients must have early-stage lung cancer and be unable to undergo surgery.
Violent riots and trouble-making would certainly appear to qualify.
It cuts utility bills immediately, yet requires neither an upfront payment nor an ability to qualify for credit.
For something to qualify as a commodity, both buyer and seller must agree on its quality.
Only people without jobs who are actively looking for work qualify as unemployed.
Students need to be qualify first to use technology, and have the right motivation to do so.
But more travelers mean more people who don't qualify to donate.
Having had fetal cells implanted in my spinal cord would not qualify as normal.
Furthermore, he ruled that the university's cheerleading did not qualify as a varsity sport.
And it's not quite skinny or svelte enough to qualify as a thin and light.
His casting of his sites as educational resources may qualify him as using the images legally.
For something to qualify as a story, she believed, it must be about white foreigners.
People who might have stopped looking for work keep at it to qualify for benefits.
Strength and competence blends with beauty to qualify the included heroines.
Your situation does not qualify as job hopping for me.
Everyday life is already made harder for those who do not qualify for a credit card.
If you have a contract specifying a begin date and an end date, that may qualify.
Migraines and vestibular problems did not qualify me as disabled in my state.
Twenty-five percent of these homes are reserved for families that qualify for affordable housing programs.
Even there he would have been forced to qualify his adjectives.
To qualify, the booty must have been hidden long enough so that the owner is probably dead.
He will qualify that, he'll condition it, in such a way that he will have plenty of flexibility.
It will create plenty of relatively low-tech jobs for which many workers should qualify, with or without a short course.
Keep hiding behind whatever it is that does not qualify you to do anything other than call other people names.
The trouble, he says, is that many of those with severe limitations are unable to qualify for disability benefits.
Borrowers who qualify will get payment relief, not debt relief.
After two years' training, her apprentice will qualify as a hair stylist, with a certificate to boot.
The latter might not qualify as autistic under a traditional diagnosis, but slip into the broader autistic spectrum.
But it also encourages governments to reform so as to qualify for aid in the future.
Governments of left and right showed impressive determination to qualify for the club.
Workers on these contracts are easier to fire and do not qualify for the unemployment benefits enjoyed by their older colleagues.
And there are detours that qualify as busman's holidays.
Even though the government won't provide unemployment any longer, some people may qualify for welfare.
The offer has a limited window during the first half of next year, and specific details on how to qualify are not available yet.
And once you manage to find a handful of borrowers who even qualify, one in four is re-defaulting.
Perhaps a financial crisis could also qualify for relaxing the rule.
Others, however, aren't managing to qualify for refinancing.
That's easy too: if more people have college degrees, they'll qualify for higher wage work.
Some of the requests he received for investigations didn't quite qualify as journalism.
They don't qualify for unemployment insurance when their gig ends.
We'll still have to qualify this as a rumor, though.
Technically this could qualify as a net metering program.
If any metal could qualify as revolutionary, vanadium steel would be the strongest candidate to fit the description.
And even a desktop modem doesn't qualify as broadband.
If you are lucky, something will pop up that begins to qualify on both counts.
Critics say it doesn't even qualify as a scientific theory because the existence of other universes cannot be proved or disproved.
For anybody else, this would qualify as an adventure.
Being scientists, these researchers often try to tone down and qualify the connection between violence and biology.
Your requirement is certainly one of the things that must be satisfied to qualify as science though.
Religious scientists only qualify for the former, period.
Further, it is fair to say that much of it does not truly qualify as theory for lack of observation of predictions.
Theorists are also great as long as they qualify every theory they make including the prevailing, overriding paradigm.
Unfortunately, the shipping charges are an issues as the company is not large enough to qualify for great bulk shipping rates.
It remains unclear to me why ethnicity should be used to qualify scholarly criticism.
Your reviewer ignores statement after statement in the book which carefully qualify the material in it.
Negotiations with the government, by contrast, do not qualify for a suit and tie.
Many of the kids are poor enough to qualify for free or reduced-price lunches, and this is their only square meal of the day.
If you qualify, you or your employer may contribute.
Conference champions or teams with six wins automatically qualify for the state football playoffs.
Many people qualify for these big savings and don't even know it.
If you do not qualify for benefits, the notice will explain why.

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