qualifier in a sentence

Example sentences for qualifier

More than one in every hundred words is a qualifier.
Unique is an absolute and should never be modified with a qualifier.
That's why my policy reads as it does with the qualifier of non-educational purposes.
Britton, a qualifier, is easily the surprise of the tournament.
It's difficult to shake off the feeling that it is deliberate, done in the knowledge that the qualifier will get dropped.
Having said this, there's a qualifier: universal health insurance probably isn't best described as a public good.
OK, with this added qualifier it makes a little more sense.
Note also that truth is the strongest qualifier of them all, and generally not applicable to anything other than mathematics.
In fact, he had no power to place an asterisk or any other qualifier on anything.
Then she makes some apologetic qualifier that gets her pretty mouth into even bigger trouble.
Select a bank qualifier, if one is defined for the bank's country.
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