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But he believes a professional licence could still be a useful qualification even if it was not a requirement for all managers.
It's a paper qualification that poisons the whole field.
It is astonishing to see people advertise their ignorance as though it were a qualification.
There are a lot of people with some qualification to speak on the matter who have tended to view the map as genuine.
Looking forward to hear a statement without any qualification apologizing to the scientific community about misleading them.
No one would be willing to concede the latter qualification and few the former.
There is no qualification for government but virtue and wisdom, actual or presumptive.
The suffrage was thus limited by a strict property qualification.
Yet personal frustration, however sincere, is obviously not alone a qualification to govern and mend this largely failed state.
It seems to me that, with some qualification, they are.
Recall, there is no test to become a parent, no minimum qualification or form of licensing.
But an important qualification concerns the seemingly large discrepancy in the observed own-race, speed dating pairings.
It's frightening that people can claim themselves as experts in a field without any sort of qualification.
Such a system is capable of generating enormous finely detailed semantic qualification.
But the relationship between consumer and advertised doesn't meet that qualification.
The minimum qualification in my view should be a doctorate in physics.
Running a blog and making obnoxious, arrogant and demeaning comments requires no special academic qualification or talent.
Details of whether they got their qualification here or there are secondary, as long as they are truly able to do the job.
Don't do it as the perceived qualification to solve some other problem.
In this case, a master's degree would be the appropriate professional qualification for those who are not seeking academic jobs.
The deeper one looks, the more doubt and qualification one finds.
In the form, he falsely declared that his highest academic qualification was the commerce degree.
Unfortunately many teachers these days don't even have this qualification.
It seemed her only qualification was that she ran in the same posh circles as the mayor.
Long experience of the company's business was considered an important qualification for the job.
Wags used to say that the one essential qualification for being energy secretary was not to know anything about energy.
Those programs will remain, with the qualification requirements and benefits changing a bit.
No elite qualification or points credit are earned on certificate stays.
The gambit is that people will attribute celebrity status to him and equate it with political qualification.
He seems to favor collective bargaining without qualification.
Conn was emphatic about that and without qualification.
For simplicity, the fee reductions would take effect the year after completion of the qualification.

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