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She found the building quaint and historic; he thought it was just old.
She has a quaint morality, a narcissistic personality.
The notion of solitude seems quaint nowadays.
Newly arrived in a quaint mountain village, Emma longs for friends to play with.
It is a small island ringed by sandy beaches and populated by islanders who still speak a quaint French.
As we walked inside, we were covered by the quaint decor.
Hansen accompanies himself on an autoharp, a zither-like instrument, that adds a quaint flavor to his readings.
To the tourists, all this seems charmingly quaint.
Your quaint and simple logic has inspired me.
Two miles inland lies the quaint village of Bushmills, its narrow main street lined with old stone taverns and country inns.
It is too quaint, too precious for that, but it is a place to breathe.
Others were quaint: he devised a clock based on the opening and closing times of various flowers.
Reflection, in a time of instant messaging, seems as quaint as the quill pen and the flickering of candles.
In town, the quaint old houses are either gone or renovated beyond recognition.
Many of the comments defending printed books over the electronic versions are expectedly quaint and amusing.
Vistas of the lake reveal a serene scene surrounded by palatial villas, tree-clad mountains, and quaint villages.
Gingerbread fretwork amid magnolia trees sets the tone for this antebellum home in a quaint seaport village.
If you want to be completely quaint, there are also physical mailing addresses.
It's nestled in a historic section of the city that's home to quaint, colorful homes and gourmet shops.
Yahoo began with a quaint notion that the web could be catalogued.
He told it with a characteristic blending of quaint pathos and of lambent humor.
In a world that has been remade by a band of fanatic hijackers, the notion of nuclear deterrence seems increasingly quaint.
The desire to see cause and effect isn't a quaint psychological quirk.
Everywhere people bemoan the replacement of the local and the quaint by outposts of big, homogeneous chains.
Many mainlanders continue to view it as a quaint place a decade or so behind the times.
For one thing, high streets were not as quaint as politicians think.
In five years it may have acquired the quaint aura of a rotary phone.
Mostly, though, such political solutions seem quaint: all this bellyaching about authenticity and lost soul.
That's a quaint notion in today's employment climate.
The area is populated with outlet stores, quaint shops, lodging venues and restaurants.
The new rule for investing should be to put aside the quaint notion that getting the economy right helps you get stocks right.
And every year this exercise seems a bit more quaint.
Out town has added a single yellow center line to our quaint neighborhood road without input or consent from residents.
It carries visitors through an exciting and eclectic array of large towns, quaint villages, picturesque bays and rolling farmland.
The quaint hotel built of chalk limestone blocks and the local school house.
Others have arbors and quaint walkways bordered by abalone shells or wine bottles.
Within one mile you can find food, lodging, and a quaint small town atmosphere.
It's quaint, lovely and our rolling hills and open venues provide the perfect backdrop for our unique city-country feeling.
Amid quaint shopping centers, it remains a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.
The quaint downtown has been revitalized with pedestrian friendly street upgrades, improved parking, and a new visitors center.

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