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Example sentences for quail

But I neither quiver nor quail.
His beloved English setter waits for the chance to hunt pheasant and quail.
After returning home he goes quail shooting every two weeks without fail.
The greater sage grouse, looking much like an oversize quail, is declining
If you find a shop with fresh pheasant, pigeon or quail, ask the butcher to hang them for a day or two.
The skewers came with heads-on shrimp, tiny quail eggs and scallops wrapped in dry-cured ham, among other fusion forays.
They also eat such wildlife as deer and quail and feast on the eggs of endangered sea turtles.
Amazing footage of quail chicks in a space station.
She seemed to quail, holding her face away from him yet presenting her hips.
With shrill whistle the note of the quail, the bob-white.
But as the dark waves began to rise his mighty heart began to quail.
He has heard the quail and beheld the honey-bee, and sadly prepared to depart.
Lardoons for small birds-quail, for example-should be cut smaller and not quite so long.
Place the cooked quail eggs in a straight line on top of the stack.
Roll the stack over the quail eggs as though you were making sushi.
Greens, chili and quail eggs are added to taste at the table.
The daily limit on quail is two, with a total of four.
Rub the quail with half the olive oil, then sprinkle all over with salt and pepper.
Good quail habitat contains distinct components and characteristics that, if lacking, almost always means no birds.
When he purchased the farm he would have two to three coveys of quail on his farm.
Most quail-hunting problems stem from hunter mistakes and oversights.
Watching a covey of quail flush and hearing the whir of their wings makes a bird hunter's spirit soar.
Picture how the quail would have responded to such a landscape.

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