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Example sentences for quagmire

So it's in his interest to help those students manage their plastic wisely and avoid the quagmire of credit-card debt.
It turned out that the road in front of Snitch's new place became a quagmire every time it rained.
The day may come when you need them to rescue yourself from a quagmire.
In spite of the heavy rains that made a quagmire of the course, the races were exciting from start to finish.
The infield became a quagmire by the bottom of the eighth.
The posters on this thread give me hope that we have not thoroughly sunk into a quagmire of barbarism.
He is in a quagmire right now and maybe doesn't know how to get out.
It's an obvious quagmire.
Falling prices and rising foreclosures cause a policy quagmire.
Let us hear the truth from the brains that got us into this quagmire.
At the same time, however, he could see the makings of the quagmire ahead.
Today physicists are still stuck in the same quagmire.

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