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Example sentences for quaff

They quaff Portuguese vinho in pubs.
Prosecco is not a special-occasion quaff; it's a refresher, especially on a warm summer afternoon or evening.
Tourists quaff large amounts of the stuff but these days they are drinking cheaper, if not less.
Hot chocolate, the quintessential winter quaff, deserves the best ingredients and a knowledgeable maker.
However, the quaff of choice at the bar seemed to be beer.
Many drink beer, but few quaff the organic kind.
Best of all is hot tea, poured generously, and a welcome quaff on a cold winter's night.
But as with so much of wine lore, the notion of Beaujolais as a simple quaff needs to be put to sleep.
People quaff two servings a day, double the national average.
Reduction or elimination of the alcohol tax would certainly make it easier for folks to have that daily quaff or two.
Press it to your lips and quaff, quaff till you're breathless.
The giant quaff was shared by thousands of revelers.
Patrons put on parkas and gloves to enter and quaff.
But this lively wine with a lively name will be as well received by those who sip as those who quaff.
Makers of scotch roll out new twists on an ancient quaff.

Famous quotes containing the word quaff

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We quaff the cup of life with eager haste without draining it, instead of which it only overflows the brimÔ... more
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