pyrophoric in a sentence

Example sentences for pyrophoric

The chemical requires careful handling, because as a pyrophoric, it catches fire when exposed to air.
However, this is a pyrophoric reaction and extremely exothermic.
Uranium is a heavy, silvery-white metal which is pyrophoric when finely divided.
Thus, bulk aluminum is used as a structural metal, but finely divided aluminum is pyrophoric.
Finely divided hafnium is pyrophoric and can ignite spontaneously in air.
Current slurry hydrogenation catalysts are pyrophoric and must be handled manually.
Examples include various pyrophoric metals, self-heating solids, and water-reactive solids.
These metals are pyrophoric, ie the burn spontaneously when heated.
Powdered thorium metal is often pyrophoric and should be handled carefully.
During transfer of the pyrophoric chemical, a syringe came apart and the chemical ignited.
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