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Example sentences for putty

The outer core heats the mantle's bottom rocks into buoyant putty, which rises toward the crust, as if in a lava lamp.
Stick to the top of the big pumpkin with a small ball of clay polymer or poster putty.
With a putty knife, take a little of the prepared mix and press it down into seams covered with tape.
They then become putty in the hands of their would-be helpers.
The stool was on a drop cloth, a putty knife was on the step stool.
Much of the putty around the panes has popped off irregularly, letting water in and ruining the paint on the inside.
To test removing it, try lifting the corner of a piece with a putty knife.
It comes in a can and is applied with a putty knife or mason's trowel.
When the heat diminished, and the lime and water were thoroughly mixed, the lime putty that resulted was used to make plaster.
Using a trowel, press lime putty into the affected limestone ornament.

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