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But they mentioned packing the shells and then putting the snails back into them.
We are growing our beans for eating so our intercropping has nothing to do with putting nitrogen back into the ground.
Dig into the hillside a bit at each tier before putting down the stream liners.
When you start putting residences in the middle of forest, though, you create wind corridors that make the trees more vulnerable.
Some string beans are so delicious, you may want to keep a supply at hand by putting some in your garden.
We've removed all possible straw from the coop, you'll be happy to know, and are thinking about putting down pine shavings.
The fun thing about the blog is putting up ideas quickly and spontaneously.
Businessmen preferred plain-looking buildings, because putting on fancy ornaments cost more money.
Kellogg found that by steaming-rather than grinding-wheat and putting it through rollers, he could make wheat flakes.
Composition is really the process of putting a frame around the elements that are important to include in a photograph.
But in a larger sense, he's been putting it together his entire life.
But some curators reject putting up barriers between artwork and visitor.
The second was putting it all together in time for the opening of the new dinosaur hall.
But after the exhibition closed, he repainted the dropped strap, putting it back into its proper place.
Anybody can imagine putting on the costumes and taking on that superhero role.
Such pests are putting this variety of banana at risk-with some scientists saying it is careening toward extinction.
Getting close enough means putting oneself in harm's way.
But other countries' citizens have been putting too little aside for their old age.
There is also scant evidence that putting employee representatives on pay committees yields better results.
Putting too many semicolons on a page irritates my eye much more than these splices.
Putting their services online should allow governments to serve their citizens much more effectively.
After putting them on a comparable basis, the causal link is clear.
Yet these costs seem small against the benefit of putting a floor under the markets.
And private-equity funds are putting out feelers again.
Instead, they are putting layers and layers of bureaucracy into regulating a naturally existing gas.
Federal fishing regulators have traditionally reacted to falling stocks by putting additional curbs on fishing.
Rare electric-blue clouds on the edge of space have been putting on a spectacular light-show this week.
Putting a price on intrinsic value gives you an extension for life's dealings.
We now spend millions of dollars putting in chemicals to make it cleaner.
But new research is extending our coveted smart phone time, by putting the phone almost to sleep.
And putting make-up, hair extensions, and perfume in the same category as lying is really a stretch.
We close the section by putting placate and antagonize in the pillory.
The idea of putting the whole into the mouth of a representative of the people is extremely happy.
Sure, you can throw the ball around with the wee ones or reconnect with that pickup basketball league you've been putting off.
It would seem that putting a robot onto a bike would be a pointless exercise akin to putting gas-powered horses before a carriage.
However, a delay in putting the controversial plan into effect would give opponents more time to try to block or overturn it.
Even if you're not exaggerating your accomplishments, putting them down on paper can make you feel as if you are.
Those ideas include ranking faculty members by productivity and putting more focus on teaching instead of research.
Most writers don't have the luxury of putting their work in a drawer for a month.
Indent new paragraphs instead of putting space between paragraphs.
How to get photovoltaics on your company's roof without putting them on the books.
So a simple task such as putting away groceries can become quite complicated.
Trains have been reclaiming electricity during braking and putting back into the grid for decades.
But, at the same time, reduce your energy bills by putting better insulation into your walls.
The yeast cells do the work of putting the fragments back together.
Putting such devices on a stretchy surface is not possible using conventional electronics manufacturing.
Right now there is great interest in putting projectors in phones.
With expensive balance-of-system costs, putting in higher efficiency panels might be worth a higher price.
And one of the crucial design characteristics was to simplify software while putting it up close to the user.
Putting the different pieces--material, magnets, liquid cooling--together in a practical magnetic refrigerator is tough.
With this, it joins a fast-growing trend toward putting social media to work.
No suburban estate builder is going to be putting this in his development project and price himself out of the market.
Private spaceflight companies draw ever closer to putting people into space their own way.
Not that we're putting down forensic evidence-for all its faults, it has worked courtroom miracles across the globe.
In the future, when people go to the gas station, they won't even know that they're putting a biofuel into their car.
Putting this knowledge to use, scientists begin to use viruses to treat cells removed from patients with genetic diseases.
It's time to stop putting our own family members in jail over marijuana.
Sometimes it isn't even a matter of new information, as much as putting a spotlight on information which was already there.
By putting leaves between their lips, the apes apparently make themselves sound bigger and more threatening.
Unless you're putting money on it, nothing is at stake except your reputation for wisdom in matters of the heart.
It's also possible that chemicals on robot are off-putting to the other bees.
What you're seeing here is employers squeezing more output out of workers putting in fewer hours.
Another, perhaps less loaded, way of putting this is that a war necessarily involves a serious miscalculation on someone's part.
Our cost of borrowing will continue to rise as investors become more comfortable about putting their money elsewhere.
She's putting on her makeup in the other room right now.
It really comes down to trusting the eye of the oyster-shucker who is putting them on ice.
Then people started suggesting maybe putting out an occasional job or something to sell.
My main concern was putting a good performance on the screen.
He also did a lot of putting his hands on his hips and sneering.
There is even talk of putting up a cell-phone tower.
So instead of reinventing the wheel, they'll be using stuff that has flown before and putting it together in an efficient way.
And there was brilliance in putting single serving sauces into mini paint-size tubes.
These are often launched as ways of putting economic pressures on countries.
Each side blames the other for putting its citizens in grave danger, and each is correct to do so.
And putting aside this worry, there's a more prosaic one.
It is clear that putting water into these pools to cool them after the accident was touch and go.
But this way of putting the matter ignores the power of presidents.

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