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In fact they are often less stressed as the anonymity allows less need to put up with social pressure.
And unless you're on a private tour, you have to put up with the foibles of the other members on your group.
We're of the opinion that life's too short to put up with nonsense.
He wanted to be able to describe to the cops what he had to put up with.
Also, it is done by those who have no intention of being caught and having to put up with the legal consequences.
And they don't have to put up with the insecurity and disorder of public spaces.
Amazingly, people in general seemed able to put up with it and to go on with their lives as if it weren't there.
For example, if one family member remains unemployed, that family might have to put up with a leaking roof until work is found.
With an average sortie length for the squadron of about ten hours, the crews put up with sore rumps.
But some people will put up with anything to advance the cause of knowledge.
Governments and the public would not put up with this for a minute.
Those who observe the fast must not only put up with the heat and the ensuing dangers of dehydration and exhaustion.
Most arrivistes reluctantly put up with this arrangement.
The only losers are the viewers, who must put up with the barrage.
Whether viewers would be prepared to put up with virtual advertising in other forms of programming is less clear.
None of this is good news for creditors, who will surely not put up with the situation for long.
Today, of course, business and leisure travellers have either to get in their cars or put up with long waits at hub airports.
The kind of patriotic spirit that encourages consumers to put up with austerity is not yet in evidence either.
In practice, a more telling characteristic is having to put up with one you don't want until you get a chance to vote.
Park visitors trying to enjoy a natural experience shouldn't have to put up with the incessant din of snowmobile engines.
Still, caricatures are fun if you don't have to put up with them too long and if they don't insist on being taken too seriously.
Make people feel smart, and they will put up with anything.
These are the sorts of concerns our soldiers have to put up with as they improvise the management of their lives.
We're willing to put up with a lot in return for beauty, wit, poetry.
He was willing to put up with the drug at first because it was so good at stopping migraines.
Bears learn to put up with bee stings as a cost of getting honey from a hive.
But the females put up with the roughness, apparently because they are so thirsty.
We put up with all sorts of stuff that is not sustainable because it lets us operate in the short term.
Chemists and geologists may have a few cranks, but they all pale in comparison to what physicists have to put up with.
Most people will put up with any fault, if they know it's not catching.
She has a lot to put up with, and she puts up with it with endearing good-enough grace.
Both had to put up with a demanding and prior censorship from the political authorities.
We seem perfectly ready to put up with automobile statistics.
People who cannot afford such barriers have to put up with the government sneaking around at night.
Once that pathway is cleared, then it will put up with a certain amount of statistics and data and information.
It's a matter of which negative consequences we'd rather put up with.
Forgive my obsession here, but lawyers would never put up with faraway bureaucrats dictating their methods and setting their fees.
They must have been miserable to no end, but they put up with it rather than refuse their kids the thrill of water rides.
When you do this, it will require you to put up with reloading a lot of those downloaded programs when your return to their sites.
We have to put up with a lot of stuff during the baseball season.
Mandatory resort fees are nothing more than hidden room rate increases, and you shouldn't put up with that.
TO is in need of someone who will put up with him.
If you find that you are in pain, don't put up with it.
However, if returning to work means having to put up with overly stressful demands, the individual may claim disabled status.
They put up with numerous moments of frustration and despair.
Notifying and/or inviting the neighbors doesn't mean that they have to put up with your noise.
She could put up with many things, but she could not abide being a spectator.
They have to put up with our city's crumbling infrastructure every day.
Most kids don't bully, and there's no reason for anyone to put up with it.
Society must put up with taxes if it desires government-provided goods and services.

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