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That's enough to rebuild or renovate a historic plantation great house, put up some guest cottages, install a swimming pool.
Put up jars now to tuck into gift baskets, use as stocking stuffers, or have on hand for last minute presents this winter.
To attract woodpeckers and other insect eaters, put up a suet feeder.
Almond paste is put up in five-pound tin pails, and retails for one and one-half dollars per pail.
They wanted a light railing put up, and help to keep the people back.
Then he stirred, started up in his chair, put up his hand.
All goods were put up in compact packages of about one hundred pounds each, suitable for loading on pack mules.
She only put up her empty left hand, but not to her face, slowly holding it out before her as though motioning him away.
If the landlord doesn't care, and the manager isn't doing anything illegal, then you either put up with it or move.
Perhaps they could draw lots once a year to put up a set number of proposals.
Part of that is ensuring citizens do not have to put up with unlawful searches.
He also regretted a message he sent out after the protest, in which he had warned students not to put up tents.
Be sure your publisher has put up the cover of your book with the correct copy, advance blurbs, and good reviews as they come in.
Now it's been mothballed, gutted, and put up for sale.
For example, if one family member remains unemployed, that family might have to put up with a leaking roof until work is found.
What he has put up this morning is preliminary, with more updates scheduled later today.
But you also probably wouldn't put up your cell phone.
In contrast, there are many oppressed but starving populations that don't put up a fight.
Also, it is done by those who have no intention of being caught and having to put up with the legal consequences.
Because the best food is the kind you grow and put up yourself.
Amazingly, people in general seemed able to put up with it and to go on with their lives as if it weren't there.
Occupiers disagreed, and some defiantly put up tents, which were promptly removed.
The event is put up almost every night for as long as two months each year, showing one and the same piece again and again.
After gobbling a shrimp-baited hook, however, the fish put up one heckuva fight.
Huff says his office is planning to put up signs at river access points warning people about sturgeon collisions.
If you're rich, you put up a tent and you had servants.
Even in their satiated state, the large sharks can put up a pretty good fight.
Two small canvas tents are put up using harpoon shafts as tent stakes.
In the last week, the workers have put up wood studs to frame the interior walls and ceilings.
Those without these can watch the videos the team has put up here which can be viewed on other browsers.
Governments and the public would not put up with this for a minute.
The foundation has already put up prizes in areas as diverse as cleaning up oil spills and landing a robot on the moon.
There is no need to pay for licences, or to pay to put up masts.
They had the money, or access to money, to put up hotels without delay.
He paid for electricity wires to be put up locally, settled people's hospital bills, took drifters in when they were homeless.
Maybe after thousands of years, in the dancing floor or in the concern, it is not our hands put up but our eyes.
In fact they are often less stressed as the anonymity allows less need to put up with social pressure.
Get yourself an electric car, put up some solar panels, and start diving on sunshine.
Thus, starving an organism may trigger normal cells to put up their guard, leaving cancer cells to absorb chemotherapy agents.
Carter put up the panels in part as a symbol, of course.
If you understand about the fact, strikes the right note or put up to note sheet.
What they need to do is work out away to get rid of some of the excess junk they already put up there.
When you do put up a web site to share your results.
Make people feel smart, and they will put up with anything.
We're willing to put up with a lot in return for beauty, wit, poetry.
He was good with a hammer, could paint and spackle, put up a wall in four hours.
So this year he put up haunted houses in all five boroughs, tailored to prey on the fears peculiar to each one.
Another qualifying detail is the enormous bond they need to put up beforehand.
These are the sorts of concerns our soldiers have to put up with as they improvise the management of their lives.
Although you'd have to put up the tube each time you wanted to start transmitting.
When you have everything already paid for, of course it pays to put up a plant.
The authorities not only shunned it but put up roadblocks.
Both had to put up with a demanding and prior censorship from the political authorities.
She has a lot to put up with, and she puts up with it with endearing good-enough grace.
Friends and former friends speculate that his bad behavior was a consequence of being put up for adoption at birth.
And there they stayed until they could be put up again.
Most people will put up with any fault, if they know it's not catching.
People seem to put up longer with a rich than a poor twirp.
With time and money you could organize buses and put up advertising.
Right next to the stage, where everyone could see us, they had put up a table about the size of a silver dollar.
We seem perfectly ready to put up with automobile statistics.
Make jam out of harvested fruit, and put up provisions.
We were put up on the third floor of a castle in a small village.
Old posts will remain here, and a permanent redirect update post will be put up.
His target audience, those who are resistant to the theory of evolution, have already closed off and put up barriers.
He was willing to put up with the drug at first because it was so good at stopping migraines.
We put up with all sorts of stuff that is not sustainable because it lets us operate in the short term.
Bears learn to put up with bee stings as a cost of getting honey from a hive.
The way you test this is to put up a spectrum in a darkened place and reduce the intensity until it almost disappears.
Sometimes, they put up the correct word, regardless of what the recruits actually typed so that their mistakes never appeared.
Chris put up a second post about how scientists themselves have picked up this banner.
People who cannot afford such barriers have to put up with the government sneaking around at night.
Yes, you will need a building permit to put up a fence.
Then one brother observed spawning salmon in the stream so they put up an electric fence.
If you want to rid your yard of mosquitoes, put up a bat roosting box.
Then other signs would have to fit into that category, so they haven't been allowed to be put up.
With the deep discount, an investor can put up a small amount of money that can grow over many years.
While some fires caused by lightning are immediately visible, others can take several days to put up enough smoke to be noticed.
However, the value of the property will continue to be excluded from the property limit if the former home is put up for sale.
Maybe you already feed wild birds, put up nest boxes, or plant flowers for butterflies.

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