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They slept under the stage and put on their makeup and costumes in a tiny area behind the stage.
Akins and the others put on scuba gear and slipped beneath the surface.
Plenty of pressure is put on a development office at any financially troubled college.
It takes no more time to put on a jacket and tie than it does a sweatshirt and bandanna.
The other two put on the masks when they arrived at the airport.
Put on grill, sauced side down, and brush other side.
The old days in which a manager was willing to put on a play for a few nights were going fast, and with them went our early drama.
First, the mice put on greaves that covered their forelegs.
New and expensive roofs have been put on for the comfort of such tenants as might choose to use them.
It was past nine o'clock when he left his own house and he set out so hurriedly that he forgot to put on his overshoes.
Sombre as it was, it put on the kindest of its moods to welcome her.
Let us not be misled by vainglory into underestimating the strain it will put on our powers.
He began treatment immediately while production was put on hold.
Some guys as soon as the pressure is put on start going crazy.
Ito's judicial philosophy was to let the lawyers put on their cases their way.
Other controllers have been put on therapy early, perhaps before they needed to be.
Put on a pair of headphones and turn up the volume so that you can't even hear yourself speak.
What inks are used and what order they are put on and how do you connect the leads off it.
Biologists worry about the hunting pressure the squid will put on other species.
But suggesting that the technology should be put on hold is not only useless, it's self-defeating.
To meet the demand, more public bikes must be put on the road, says the company.
Nothing can get put on top or even in the vicinity of it because the pressure is so great.
It's a chance for a community to put on a show for their neighbors, to demonstrate their dominance.
Using energy is the other, more attention could be put on that.
Veggies can be as fattening as anything, depending on what you cook them with or put on them.
Don't know what limit they would put on this, but it might be set by the owner.
They put on a beautiful dancing display that makes your heart stop and you wish for the moment to never end.
As more strain is put on natural resources, some experts say, insects will be raised as an alternative form of protein.
As a result, their pups did not have time to put on sufficient weight to hibernate successfully and are now starving.
There can be no joy in the global financial collapse-too many lives have been broken, and too many dreams put on hold.
Then he put on her clothes, dressed himself in her cap, laid himself in bed and drew the curtains.
She put on makeup and perfume every morning, and dangling earrings.
There's plenty to do here but nothing you'd put on an agenda.
Cut off the wings, separating them at the joints, and put on the sides of the platter.
Disputes about machinery and capital were to be put on one side.
The pot of water is put on the fire, and the husks are added to the boiling water.
Nearly all big events today that ostensibly exist as a live event are actually shows put on for a mediated audience.
Often he dispensed medical advice to his customers: which cough medicine worked best, what to put on a boil.
She rose and dressed and, even though hurrying, put on her pearl earrings.
Donors must be gently given to understand that the touch is going to be put on them far into the future.
Also, the flexible nature of the cells means they could be put on one dimensionally curved surfaces.
Perhaps because of the demands put on candidates, the trial has been moving at a crawl.
With little water required the farms could be put on land which is marginal for agricultural use.
And no wonder, given the prices now being put on web companies.
Nor have markets forced politicians to put on their hair shirts.
Pressure is apparently being put on some municipalities to cover losses.
The result is that forests are being cut down because an incorrect price is put on them.
In a world that is not doing much to mitigate climate change, an increasing emphasis is put on the capacity to adapt to it.
The public sector must be put on a prolonged harsh diet from the end of this year.
Executives kept leaving, engineers were demoralised and innovative projects were put on hold.
Much of the blame has been put on the increase in commodity prices.
He could fill a stadium and put on a show, but as a military commander, he was hopeless.
More intriguingly, people worry about the drain that big projects have put on public finances.
Rich countries will be cursed indeed if they cannot put on an occasional growth spurt.
Of course, people put on weight when they consume more calories than they burn off.
One hand may try to put on a piece of clothing, for example, while the other tries to remove it.
She started to put on weight and she'd cut her hair down to nothing.
Then she put on her golden-brown, fur-collared ski jacket, over a white turtleneck sweater and tailored fawn slacks.
He put on performances with homemade puppets and made cartoon flip-books.
He put on his coat and hat and went out to fulfill the day's doxology.
When he's put on trial, the jurors turn into comedians.
When emphasis is put on the source of information, even four-year-olds are less likely to be manipulated or misled.
Some people still think that their illnesses are curses and spells that other people have put on them.
Even if you give them a cure and they get better, they'll still insist it was a spell somebody put on them.
They put on different accents, they put on different costumes, and they role-play.
We went back into the anteroom, where the gray canvas backdrop had been set up, and she took off the tiara and put on the cloak.
Kane said that her face was burning, and she was put on a gurney and taken from trauma one.
First she had volunteers put on goggles fitted with video screens for lenses.
These are the kind of things you can put on your roof.
In the meantime the authors deserve to be put on the defensive and have their professionalism called into question.
But this says nothing of the galaxies themselves, which are usually put on the other side of the field equations to the metric.
No matter how much lipstick you try to put on the pig, tacking measured temps onto proxies is illegitimate.
They can't be put on hold for six moths while you write a paper or collect data.
If a top is used, it should be put on after the box is installed to facilitate easier nailing.
Sealants are put on permanent teeth to help keep them cavity free.
Put on sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat to protect your skin from the sun.
Make sure all required equipment is put on the boat and is in good working order.
Learns to put on forms, change packing and adjust presses for operation.
Tennis fans see it all the time: matches are put on hold because a player complained of a cramp.
But it also reflects the political pressure that public anger has put on the local government.
It's second nature to me now, but in the beginning, learning how to put on my hijab was a challenge.
You've got to get up early in the morning and put on makeup and have costume fittings.
But put on your scuba fins and you'll discover a slightly less romantic picture.
They have to give themselves injections the rest of their life or they have to be put on a pump that gives them the injections.

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