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In those early years, brokers and merchants refused to buy war rugs with overt designs for fear they would put off buyers.
And it will put off about a pound of oxygen per pound of wood per day.
Satellite operators put off critical command sequences.
Skeptics of hydrogen argued that the article was too soft on the concept, whereas others were put off by the critical take.
All their life they have put off dealing with the fact that when they die, they're done.
Most scientists are put off by emotion, especially when it is attached to propaganda.
All parties and entertainments, of course, were to be put off.
No idleness, no laziness, no procrastination: never put off till to-morrow what you can do to-day.
He wondered every time at his sombre and enigmatic impression and, mistrusting himself, put off finding the explanation of it.
At last it was decided that the wedding should be put off a week longer.
But on the other hand, if that coffee date gets put off for a third time, consider taking the hint.
Some readers, put off by our optimism, seemed almost eager to see us fail.
And don't be put off by the bickering on this forum.
Don't put off your writing and research until the summer.
Some readers may be put off by its melodrama and nearly overwhelming sense of desperation.
Once the economy improves, the people who put off parenthood will get down to it.
All this uncertainty and expense has doubtless put off utilities.
Thinner revenues have not put off entrants, who are making one of two sorts of bet.
The choice of a new attorney-general has now been put off.
Such reforms are difficult, and tempting to put off.
The utility was keen to put off that expense, if not avoid it altogether, by making up the demand with natural gas or solar.
If either country scores spectacularly badly then, its accession could be put off for a year.
Making air travel more expensive, say through hefty fuel taxes, would put off price-sensitive leisure flyers.
It is not for economists, however, to be put off by a paucity of data.
The longer they put off taking the steps needed to curb their habit, the worse the headache will be.
The freezing conditions, not to mention polar bears, should put off any unwelcome visitors.
The company's mainstream consumers, put off by the negative connotation, started shopping elsewhere.
It's made some workers worry more about their jobs, leading them to put off purchases.
Major decisions would be put off for weeks until suddenly she would erupt, driving her staff to panic and misfire.
They dread it, groan about it, put off doing it as long as possible.
Their decision to put off insuring their families has a huge impact on their neighbors and on the nation as a whole.
But that's no reason to put off beginning the process.
It's all too easy to put off those retirement contributions.
The ability to reduce peak demand could allow utilities to put off building new power plants.
The debate will become angry and murky and mind-numbingly complicated, and the temptation will be to put off reform yet again.
The undeniable ugliness of his portraits of the poor is bound to put off some contemporary readers.
Neutrino seemed spooked by the encounter, and he put off the raft launch indefinitely.
The tantalizing dream of eradicating polio will have to be put off yet again.
Any member of the crew who mutinies is put off at the first port of call.
These individuals put off people who are new to posting comments on science blogs or blogs generally.
But national security is solely a federal function, and it can't be put off.
People can't put off buying water until they have a little more money in the bank.
But the board put off paying any additional costs until contract discrepancies can be resolved.
If water treatment is not possible, put off drinking suspicious water as long as possible, but do not become dehydrated.
Many areas of public lands have been put off-limits due to the increased violence.
Under these arrangements, corporate taxpayers put off recognition of current income for tax purposes for many years.
Put off protecting your home against flooding and you could lose everything.
Don't be put off by the cost of the excursion over here, this is a tremendous value.
Take it easy: put off strenuous activities that can wait until weather cools.
Or, perhaps you have put off applying for enrollment because you think your income is to high.
Although this is a decision nobody likes to think about, it's important and should not be put off.
Do not put off quitting again until tomorrow, next week, or next year.
Dentists see more of an impact from a recession, because people put off getting dental care.
But many prospective investors are still put off by poor infrastructure.
To stay under the radar, the couple put off their wedding indefinitely.

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