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Unfortunately it was decided that this bear needed to be put down.
The ship would actually map the bottom of the ocean using sonar to determine what the best places were to put down our gear.
Some would be sick and would be put down, which is true.
He closed the door of the room, came forward to the dressing-table, and put down his burdens.
When he had put the wood in the box and turned to go out, she put down her head and blushed.
We neither mean to set up nor to put down, neither to make nor to unmake, but to have nothing to do with them.
The fast spin is also put down to an impact by another body such as a large asteroid around a billion years ago.
It's the kind of story that you read, put down, and then put back up again.
She is a sweetheart and the thought of her being put down is unbearable.
Except when a religion gets put down it's because of a new prophet or a king who wants a divorce.
The looming water crisis is being put down to several factors, or rather a combination of these.
One was in such a bad state that the owner thought she might have to be put down.
Put down those knives-this transparent amphibian allows for observation of its innards without the need for dissection.
If you've got a good discussion going, with lots of people willing to talk, then you put down the cards.
But seriously, before you put down the money, put your hands on one.
And then the crowd put down their pitchforks and engaged.
But before he put down his money, he called a friend in the art world, who told him that the price was too high.
University holidays are the perfect opportunity for students to put down their books and take a much-needed vacation.
He also brought in younger players, and never put down new things.
The second of these observations is usually put down to learning.
Human errors are often put down to a momentary loss of concentration.
But these were put down to the experimental nature of the strikingly cantilevered house, rather than anything fundamentally wrong.
Fascism had been put down, communism was being held at bay.
It was put down with the loss of thousands of lives.
The former has been put down to social effects, such as a strong tradition of valuing education.
State utility companies put down power, water and sewage mains.
Some of this can be put down to the intensity of the closing days in a fiercely fought campaign.
Then, there's no need to stamp out industry or put down lovable canines.
One is his willingness to do whatever it takes to put down the rebellion.
As the president of this nation, reforms such as those that can help students and the education system should not be put down.
They call on scores of literary experts in scores of countries and pay them to put down a few reflections about possible winners.
Periodic riots since then, some of them involving or inspired by students, have been put down with ease.
The rest they put down to the bad state of the economy.
Then they put down their headsets and step away from their computer screens.
Someone seemingly inferior to you, someone you can put down to elevate yourself.
Having the people that are willing to put down healthy horses at gather sites could be a problem.
Still, you have the right to put down others for believing in something that quite frankly has numerous holes.
It used to be considered smart to block or clog up a board so that no one could put down a bingo.
About half the residents were able to flee or hide during the confusion before the uprising was finally put down.
There is no conspiracy to put down healthy horses that are in off-the-range holding facilities.
Then put down your fork, pick up the shell, and slurp down the oyster from the wide end-it's more aerodynamic that way.
It was as if he needed not only to escape but also to put down those of his peers who had been more successful.
Put down those science text books and work at recalling information from memory.
Permanent pavement is put down after construction to restore the entire area to its original condition or better.
So if you intend to store grain on concrete for several months, it would be best to put down a vapor barrier under the grain.
Spay and neuter is a humane and effective means of reducing the number of animals who are put down in shelters each year.
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