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Example sentences for pushy

Pushy, know-it-all busybodies who cannot manage to peacefully convince others.
Too many end up believing the loud, pushy, splashy crackpots.
From day one she was pushy, barked constantly, chewed on us and our belongings and generally made our lives miserable.
The next round of location tools will be even more pervasive, pushy, and predictive.
His lean physique, close-cropped hair, and stick-out ears can give the impression of a slightly pushy undergraduate.
Still, the usage conveys a pushy disregard for whatever precedes it.
The locals aren't jaded and the tourists aren't pushy.
Pushy photographers were making people's lives miserable.
But word is spreading through the pushy-parent network: this is the real thing.
They hesitate to call in favours for fear of seeming pushy.
The health-care bill included tons of favours for the pushy.
The cost of higher education has contributed to plummeting birth rates among pushy parents in other rich countries, too.
It didn't work, and the firm ended up promoting the pushy over the prudent.
They are not pushy or preachy, but scepticism flavours nearly everything they do.
Employees are less pushy in seeking inflationary wage deals and firms think twice about raising their own prices.
The jinn that was in him was well-travelled but also pushy.
Many are too cramped for hunting and farming and are hemmed in by pushy neighbours.
Under cross-examination he came across as pushy and even indignant, rather than contrite.
Friendly people who are not pushy and do not ask for special treatment are usually the ones who get it.
These drug dealers can be pushy, but they are generally not violent toward tourists.
As customers' intolerance of pushy sales tactics grows, stores are trying to learn who wants full service.
Be articulate and enthusiastic, without being overactive or pushy.
Kids now have a socially acceptable excuse that can stop pushy peers in their tracks.
Take your time making decisions: never let pushy sales people convince you to make an immediate decision.
Be cautious about lenders who are pushy and insistent.
Telemarketers frequently are pushy and ask for immediate decisions.
He is the senior horse on the unit and can be quite pushy at times.

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