pushpin in a sentence

Example sentences for pushpin

Mark each place on the map with a pushpin of a particular color.
Carefully use the pushpin or sewing needle to poke a hole into the foil.
When you find a particular place or location, a pushpin can help you track it.
Click on a virtual pushpin and a pop-up appears, giving info on a specific location.
It labeled the pictures, and placed a virtual pushpin on a world map.
Make larger holes for larger, brighter stars by wiggling the pushpin around a little.
It works by pointing to a spot on your map and making it a point of interest, symbolized with a pushpin icon.
Zoom in and click the pushpin that marks the location that you wish to use.
When you find a site in the area you want, left click on the pushpin icon to display the available information links.
The feature will be highlighted with a yellow border or, in the case of a point, a yellow pushpin.
Polyethylene caps containing test chemicals were impaled on a pushpin in the top of the inside of the trap.
Pushpin information boxes allow users to learn about a location or quickly visualize information relevant to that location.
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