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One inviolable rule she must not forget: it is fatal to be pushing or presuming.
Signallers with heliographs were pushing forward upon them from all sides.
She and her colleagues have been testing the bonobos' ability to express their thoughts vocally, rather than by pushing buttons.
People are still pushing into the room, filling the chairs and settling themselves cross-legged on the floor.
When underwater, the animals pushed water past their gills while simultaneously pushing the glottis down.
When farmers start pushing past what's natural, the costs add up.
Hill had promised a public demonstration of his works and process, but he kept pushing the date back.
Why are pc propagandists pushing scientific mistruths down the collective public's throat.
The ones who pushed innovation in music as far as it can go and are still pushing.
Pushing consumer subsidized ethanol is not the answer based on many studies and now actual use.
He chitchats with bike builders who are constantly pushing the improvement of every nook, cranny and corner of the bicycle.
Keep pushing for educational inroads with what you have to share.
One way or another, the sovereign-debt crisis is pushing euro-zone countries into deeper integration.
Soaring commodity prices are pushing up consumer prices across the globe.
More expensive raw materials will work their way through the supply chain over the coming months, pushing up on inflation.
Pushing ahead of their elders, they have become intoxicated with the possibility of change.
Something, in other words, is actively pushing it apart.
Supply constraints, in particular the shortage of land in the economic hotspots, are pushing up high-end prices too.
Some governments are pushing to be more than mere stakeholders and instead to have the final say in important matters.
Yet so far there is little sign that higher food and oil prices are pushing up other prices in the rich economies.
And they are pushing into emerging markets, where universities and government research budgets are swelling.
Yet provincial governments are also pushing to tap the region's rich resources.
Without bats, farmers may have to use more insecticide, raising environmental worries and pushing up grocery prices.
Customers can also savour the rare privilege of pushing their own trolleys and serving themselves from the shelves.
It's about faculty and students driven by the spirit of discovery, and committed to pushing the boundaries of knowledge.
Now the slab rocks, water pushing up through the cracks and pooling along the perimeter.
Yet they'll keep pushing biofuels with no scientific support.
Dark energy is pushing the universe apart at an ever faster rate.
Pushing water past the core means pumps that are generally run by electricity.
Climate change is pushing up the sea level globally.
There must be a syringe capable of drawing up the drug through the needle and pushing it out through the same route.
Your fingers cramp from repeatedly pushing the buttons, and your eyes get rheumy from staring at the tiny screen.
The agency is pushing to deploy experimental systems that could quickly locate the positions of enemy snipers and mortar crews.
Stop pushing responsibility off on everyone else and take control of your own environment.
Last year's flood disaster also inundated coal mines, pushing up coal prices.
But it's also becoming clear that online media are pushing literacy into cool directions.
The gas can reach much higher temperatures without bursting pipes, which means a third more energy pushing the turbine.
In a best-case scenario, a sailing vessel headed directly downwind will move at the speed of the breeze that's pushing it.
Apple has historically been nimble with pushing new connectivity standards.
The process has been going on for millennia, one plate pushing against the other until something has to give.
The drive to increase production is pushing out local varieties, diluting livestock's genetic diversity in the process.
Learn about athletes pushing to the next level in these sports.
Mountains rose on the seafloor, pushing sea levels higher and onto the continents.
But how the critters were pushing off the ground remained a total unknown.
Most people think they're pushing the envelope, when they're not even close to the envelope.
There must be an out-of-sight mountain river or ravine pushing or pulling the water.
But as computers become smaller and more powerful, they are pushing down the cost of genetic sequencing.
In free technique, skiers use shorter skis and move forward by pushing off the skis' edges, similar to speed skating.
Build a frame by pushing a needle and knotted thread through one end of a straw and into the center of a second straw.
The latest trend in mountaineering may be pushing climbers over the edge.
Also, the local government recently began pushing tourism as an alternative to logging.
Now civic groups and native organizations are pushing governments and the courts to rein in oil development.
It's a completely different approach to pushing electrons around a dry circuit in a conventional computer.
Punch down dough by pushing down the center or dough with fist, then pushing edges of dough into center.
Bring a large pot of water to a boil and add cilantro, pushing it under water.
Transfer bread to baking dish, then pour egg mixture over bread and add tomatoes, pushing some down between bread cubes.
Put about two thirds of potato mixture in soufflé dish, pushing it up sides to create a well in center.
Energy companies are pushing for unfettered access to private and public lands in the area.
Mama smiled at the glue and winked at me, pushing her tongue through the holes left by her missing teeth.
Or whether it was government intervention-the story about pushing credit to the less well off segments of the population.
The bulldozer pushing over the pine tree stands for progress.
Pushing much of the stimulus spending off until this year made that less of a problem.
People seemed less zombified in there, maybe because they were pushing shopping carts.
They are pushing even harder to extend their monopolies on top-selling drugs.
He seemed to get the idea and stopped pushing his lawyer's shingle into my face.
Humans are pushing microbial evolution into overdrive.
There is skepticism and there is blindly pushing for vaccines, any vaccine, right away.
They know about cholesterol because everyone is pushing their statin.
Beforehand, you can program in a message and recipients, who you can alert upon pushing a single button.
When the cosmological constant is positive, dark energy is literally pushing space itself apart.
It becomes a sea-snake by pushing six arms down a hole and waving the other two around in a sinuous wriggle.
But a doctor does his patients no favor by pushing them away when they disagree with his recommendations.
During each pause the dancer regains momentum by coming down off point and pushing again with her whole supporting foot.
Air pressure is pushing and stretching it taut, but from the outside rather than the inside.
We can fill those holes ever more, and explore the edges, pushing them back with each new discovery.
The real reason to keep pushing it is that it is the only way to keep the control over the future of the fuel supply.
These new gene technologies are really pushing to revolutionize the medical industry.
Production of even small amounts of charcoal in the tropics is already a major player in pushing deforestation.
The video here shows a guy kicking over virtual vases and pushing around a virtual representation of himself.
When the researchers remove the field, a spring pushing on the alloy causes it to revert to its original shape.
Have the students tell you whether the oxen are pushing or pulling the wagon.
He re-emerges with a splash and a triumphant whoop, pushing his hair out of his face.
It was a new way of thinking that would influence future activities-pushing the body to the edge of unconsciousness.
First, they shot the runaway train coupled to the two engines pushing it in reverse.
It now seems sad and even tragic, the reach for automation by these working pilots, their button-pushing response.
At each stage, pushing the boundaries of cuisine required a respite from the demands of running a restaurant.
When he was pushing for workers' compensation reform, he worked the malls.
She holds her cigarette aloft while repeatedly pushing back her bright blond hair.

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