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The storm came ashore at the time of the high tide, which added to the surge of water being pushed ahead by the hurricane.
Modifications of the trachea to allow speech pushed the trachea and esophagus further down the throat to make way.
For centuries, logging and farming had pushed pandas to steeper and higher terrain.
He pushed her out of the way, and the shark swallowed him.
When the driver pushed the mower, the pistons went up and down.
Two students said officers had pushed back the protesters with batons.
All too often, the concern about a major's practical prospects are pushed upon students by well-intentioned parents.
Thus the second tier will be pushed upwards instead of being weighed down by lesser students.
At first, scientists weren't sure what pushed the plates around.
The researchers say archaeological and fossil evidence strongly suggests that ancient hunters pushed the animals to extinction.
They will notice how air fills their lungs when they inhale and gets pushed out when they exhale.
The cold air pushed the hot plumes back down in a swirling motion at sunrise.
Some shops stayed closed because their windows had been shattered, but food vendors pushed their carts out onto the street.
The herds, and the humans who depend on them, are pushed to the limit.
But what really pushed the picture over the top for me was the main subject's expression.
In some cases, the disrupted planets will be pushed into more distant but stable orbits around the supernova remnants.
It is based on the long-known principle that electrons can be pushed through a material by heat.
When he pushed the send button, he became the father of spam.
He started out as a photojournalist and with each project has pushed himself further into new territory.
They drove their parents' cars in the evening, their seats pushed back and their arms stretched out to reach the steering wheel.
He put his pinkie in the hole and observed that a flap of canvas had been pushed back.
And it is bad news that he felt pushed by the constant threat of prison at home to choose between silence and exile.
The factories are being pushed to the outskirts, and in their place the city has developed a skyline.
She always looked for creative solutions and pushed us to ask our own questions.
Someone else pushed the button to call the conductor.
Holder, despite the controversy he has inspired, has not actually pushed for radical change.
Not to be left off the gravy train, big business also pushed through its own grab bag of perks in the new legislation.
Some were atrocious train wrecks, hurriedly pushed out by companies looking to bring a product to market before it was ready.
The idea that if you talked about an idea enough and pushed it on people enough, it could change the world.
If they do not succeed by the end of next year the end of every thing they have pushed for is ended.
Well, regardless of the words, the image of a pushed out arm is often connected to something negative.
If there is uplift from the sea floor then the water is pushed up and then because of its own weight it has to move sideways.
Science is pushed to the side and thought of as not as important.
But what happens when a skater starts spinning and then get's faster and faster and faster, long after she has pushed off the ice.
The stylet is what is pushed through the skin to find a blood vessel inside.
The latter keys could be pushed simultaneously, giving many possible combination and meanings for character keys.
People are coming together to make sure that the science is pushed to maximize efficacy.
Fish are our last truly wild food, but the rise in demand for seafood has pushed many species to the brink of extinction.
Basically, the spinal fluid in the middle of his head pushed the brain tissues to the extremities of the skull.
Felt turns out to be almost magical in that it can be pushed under tons of pressure and it won't be damaged.
But once the button is pushed, the answers may be out in minutes.
When a user pushed a button it would strike an aluminum bar, which emitted a certain frequency.
The throttles were pushed full forward-for no obvious reason, since the engines were dead.
The table was pushed to one side, and chairs were wedged around the couch.
The president has pushed three deals made by his predecessor.
On her way down she pushed the ball through with two hands.
And this point cannot lightly pushed aside, for it is the kernel of his radical philosophy.
The rebound in capital markets has pushed revenues back towards pre-crisis levels, and with them compensation pools.
The boom has also been pushed along by rich foreign buyers.
In the past they have flourished when oil crises pushed subsidies and investment their way.
Pay was also pushed up by the expansion of firms into established markets.
Instead, you may be offered imitation bear's paw made from mutton pushed into a paw-shaped mould.
Whenever the state has pushed fertility down, the result has been a blight.
Yet these desperate measures have proved the right ones and, sadly for many journalists, they can be pushed further.
Already, the rising cost of caring for the elderly has pushed up the government deficit and the national debt.
The roof is made of a thin membrane that can be pushed down onto the creature.
The supers have not pushed up the savings rate, but nor have they increased unit labour costs.
His keenness to spin a good yarn sometimes pushed him into the realm of cliché.
The shortage might then have pushed spot prices higher.
The rebound in capital markets has pushed revenues back towards pre-crisis levels, and compensation pools with them.
The members of the council insist that they will not be pushed around by the government.
As if plains hadn't pushed their way here in malignant fevers, icy shivers.
Other footage shows protesters who were a step too slow and were pushed under the vehicles.
It always went back right where it had started, but only when one whole year had been pushed out into space for good.
But software can also be pushed onto an unsuspecting user's computer without ever asking for permission.
The company has successfully pushed industry giants to talk the same talk.
Hardly believing what he was doing, he pushed the needle in-it was effortless-and slowly injected the contents.
Astronomers are always selling the idea that we've pushed further than ever before, but it's a bit of a fraud.
He's pushed all the chips toward the center of the table in what may be one of the biggest bets in the history of human endeavor.
By now, as you can see, they have been pushed there and beyond.
When she finally triumphs over him and he is pushed off a cliff, she reverts to her normal, non-zombie self.
But when they pushed the bats upwards on a surface, the pads peeled off right away.
Keep in mind, even scientists have pushed their flawed reasoning dressed in science for whatever reason.
It can't be pushed off to some higher energy domain so easily.
The view is quickly obscured by the smoke from the propellant catching as it's pushed towards the nozzle.
The whole climate change scare or fraud is being pushed for a few people to make a lot of money and to grab a lot of power.
For all their reputations as temperamental and needy, actors are glad to be pushed if the results show up on the screen.
Even the ground he'd pushed around would have to be re-graded.
After the performance he was pushed out onto the stage in a wheelchair and received a standing ovation.
And the credit boom had pushed the country over the edge, into total moral collapse.
Corns can be painful when pushed and may cause a dull ache.
When the up button is pushed, the outboard roll stop rotates to the vertical position before the platform raises.
The more inertia an object has, the less it responds to being pushed.
That's the place where the water is pushed out of the way.

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