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But after a few winks and whispers, one purveyor produced a bottle from the boot of his car and offered me a sip.
As an understocked purveyor of large dried fruit might say, we're out of big dates for a while.
The bottom would be knocked out of the illegal drugs trade both for the consumer and the purveyor.
Dell is looking to sell its factories in a bid to lower costs as it tries to become a more nimble purveyor of laptop computers.
It also expanded by marketing itself as a purveyor of choices in products and environment.
Barefoot is not the only luxury food purveyor in town, but it is probably the best known.
The company is a successful purveyor of communications gear such as networking equipment and police radios.
Procedures for election or selection of a water purveyor to manage the water system.
Understanding the regulatory responsibilities of a water purveyor was cited by eight systems as a need.
Copies of this report shall be distributed to the following: owner, purveyor, and tester.
The busy bee-that tireless purveyor of plant pollen-has had a rough time of it lately.

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