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The act of in search of a perfect theory in itself is already a pursuit of failure.
We fly still faster in pursuit, twine our snakes around his feet, and bring him to the ground.
One of the chief elements of the value of human life is freedom in the pursuit of happiness.
In their pursuit of perfection they required an ampler environment.
For many, the pursuit of a college degree is itself a large bet against uncertain odds.
If you're not in the pursuit-of-truth business, then you should not be in the university.
Power and violence, a larger club or sharper sword, as if the ability to incinerate whole cities is an admirable pursuit.
The pursuit of happiness grants no exemption from respecting the rights of others.
Yet it's the pursuit of these things rather than knowledge that dominates academic culture.
We've turned education into an economic pursuit which is all about money and job-getting instead of what it is supposed to be.
News helicopters filmed police and park rangers in pursuit.
The gazelle tires, but not the spotted hyenas in pursuit.
The snowy owl is a patient hunter that perches and waits to identify its prey before soaring off in pursuit.
The blind pursuit of glory clouds any clear thinking or conscience.
It is the arts after all, better than almost any other pursuit, that foster a connection between humans from all times and places.
Coming into better focus through rigorous scientific pursuit across many disciplines.
With any game or pursuit, if done at the highest level there is good chance for development.
We should rejoice that someone has found a subject so captivating that they will risk live and limb in pursuit.
Establishing a foundation of agreed upon definitions is a rudimentary beginning point in any scientific pursuit.
Their migrations may well have to do with pursuit of familiar game as the weather fluctuates between cold and warm periods.
If you do not engage in a pursuit, then your success in that pursuit cannot be evaluated.
Religion and myth are attempts to contain this pursuit, to give it some symbols and ritual, to give it language.
It won't consider using replay, even in the pursuit of perfection.
Worse, they think nothing of engaging in actual manual labour in their pursuit of knowledge.
From teenagers to corporate executives, the new bloggers all have reasons of their own for engaging in this new pursuit.
People saddled with mortgages worth more than their homes are less able to move in pursuit of new jobs.
First, people do not understand how the pursuit of private profits often yields public benefits: they have an anti-market bias.
Even then, the pursuit of new technologies is not without risk.
The policies include the successful pursuit of price stability, fiscal rigour, foreign investment and open trade.
Rather, the pursuit of a universal legally binding agreement is doomed.
Others wonder if the obsessive pursuit of happiness is itself making people miserable.
Progress was slow, he said, in the pursuit of anything worthwhile.
Talks among political leaders in pursuit of a consensus on how to quell the unrest swiftly broke down.
Safety has always come first and almost no cost is spared in that pursuit.
If this is right, the pursuit of happiness becomes even trickier.
All of these things are done in the pursuit of a perfect storm of readers.
The pursuit of genius is the pursuit of an illusion.
In the years since, standards governing the pursuit and dissemination of such material have steadily diminished.
Aside from the pursuit of war and some shifting definition of victory, everything else is a political sideshow for him.
Erecting the tallest building in the world is a pursuit both pointless and exhilarating.
The directors have trashed their own work in pursuit of a dwindling theatre audience.
Work and education programs have been cancelled, out of a belief that the pursuit of rehabilitation is pointless.
He viewed his father's career in aviation dismissively, as a less manly pursuit than foot-soldiering.
Waiting and waiting: that was what the pursuit of her was.
Pursuit was not immediate, but pursuit was eventually joined.
Financial market participants created a financial bubble of tragic proportions in pursuit of personal gain.
Somehow she made the paper's pursuit of excellence into a festive pilgrimage.
She flees in pursuit, and soon she's falling down a rabbit hole once again.
But that mindset questions the pursuit of science in general, not how one can pursue a hypothesis ethically.
No discipline was too esoteric in the pursuit of national pride.

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