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Apparently the fruit's sweet, creamy center is a treasure worth pursuing if you can bear the stink and get past the spiky husk.
Ecologists are pursuing this science because they simply want to know.
The government has been so lax in pursuing some oil crimes that it can seem complicit.
Pursuing our interests and spreading our ideals thus requires stealth and modesty as well as military strength.
The future shape of a manned program pursuing idealistic aims is the great unknown.
But then, as our weekly meetings continued, it became clear that there were a couple other approaches that were worth pursuing.
His work focuses on estimating the upper limits to human longevity and pursuing the scientific means to slow aging in people.
There may be no evidence of it, there may be no worth pursuing it, but this can only be established by experiment.
It is critical to have a clear sense of your reasons for pursuing a doctorate.
In large part, the problem is that graduate students pursuing their doctorates get little or no training in how students learn.
My husband has been pursuing this hobby for years and is, in fact, an instructor himself.
The additional places are for students pursuing subjects important to the country, such as environment and health.
Same applies for these students and scholars who were detained even though they were legally pursuing their academic goals.
What you did not show, because you can't, is any pattern whatsoever of pursuing that policy.
We could return to impressing battles rather than pursuing business plans.
The company is also pursuing military versions of the concept.
Fish and others have been pursuing the idea for decades.
Despite the untested nature of the idea, it is worth pursuing for a number of reasons.
Storms is not an antiestablishment pseudoscientist pursuing a crackpot theory.
He has turned to lab equipment and industrial food additives, pursuing quirky juxtapositions of flavor and texture.
Applicants must be pursuing journalism as a career and have experience working in a deadline-oriented environment.
At the same time, the church was pursuing other options.
With a variety of public and private sector actors all pursuing different approaches, the response has been uncoordinated.
The president claims the courts are pursuing a political vendetta.
So much money, pursuing relatively few investment strategies, reduces the potential returns for everyone.
Pursuing patents aggressively for cross-licensing agreements has little to do with encouraging innovation, though.
And this he did even better than pursuing scholarship.
But it is possible to get some idea of the sorts of companies that are doing well and the kinds of strategies they are pursuing.
If a firm was seen to make heroic efforts to clean up its act, prosecutors rewarded it by pursuing civil charges.
By pursuing new customers, faster growth and higher profits, some of the new bosses have put a strain on their old brands.
One route they have been pursuing is to crack down on tax havens, those boltholes for the world's wealthy.
It is aggressively pursuing stimulus-related sales, while tapping federal, state and local incentives.
The spoils go to the resolute, the patient, who know what they are pursuing and how to achieve it.
He worked as a highly proficient grinder of lenses for telescopes and microscopes while pursuing his philosophical interests.
Forsaking college, he was now officially pursuing a career as an actor.
Such a request might fly with a sugar daddy, but this ├╝ber-rich gentleman was pursuing me by traditional methods.
Scientists are currently pursuing a variety of such devices to generate electricity in an environmentally friendly manner.
Researchers are pursuing several different routes toward power generation on a miniature scale.
The political right-wing hes greatly endangered this country while pursuing extreme wealth and power.
Make oil old technology should be the goal of pursuing photovoltaic cell technology.
If they can spend a million dollars pursuing a million and five dollars, they do it.
Perhaps the main message that this gives us is that an integrated strategy for pursuing energy efficiency can pay off.
Pursuing safety to the point of pricing nuclear out of the market does not make the world safer.
But a traveler half-crazed by thirst could go fatally astray while pursuing such a vision.
In addition, some carnivores may have inadvertently become trapped while pursuing their prey across the sticky ground.
At the same time, malaria researchers are pursuing a long-sought, elusive goal: a vaccine that would curb the disease for good.
Prosecutors later dropped the charges, and said pursuing them would require revealing national secrets.
The book's excellent notes and bibliography are a good guide to anyone interested in pursuing the topics covered.
Hill does not appear to be interested in pursuing starting opportunities on the open market.
Don't bother pursuing an impossible dream when a sure thing is staring you right in the face.
Opinion in favor of pursuing free-trade agreements is by no means unanimous.
You're a big advocate of pursuing space exploration and colonization.
Some experts argue that the vaccine's effect, if it exists, is so tiny that it's not worth pursuing in a significant way.

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