purse strings in a sentence

Example sentences for purse strings

Its leaders must make its value crystal clear to those who control the purse strings.
Those who hold the purse strings can shape the narrative anyway they wish in the information age.
They are, you know, they ones who actually control the purse strings.
It won't be easy-it will require changes in purse strings and priorities.
With purse strings being pulled tighter than ever, finding the right look for the right price is key.
The coming together of three strong minds can be difficult to achieve, particularly when purse strings come into play.
By the same token, a move to another country may pull your purse strings too tightly for comfort.
Something has to give, and the paper is hoping it will be its readers' purse strings.
More parents are also controlling the purse strings and moving down-market for pants and shoes.
Giving patients partial control of the purse strings commented.
Bad news, since the dollar is rising and the rest of the world is tightening the purse strings.
Nor does he control the purse strings of regional governments that must help to pay for his headline-grabbing schemes.
Firms' profits and investment are booming-and even consumers show signs of loosening their purse strings a bit.
Investors are already tightening their purse strings.
As the economy recovers, travel managers will no doubt loosen their resolve-and their purse strings.
In particular, they say that the government will loosen its purse strings and start spending again.
Measuring gas levels day in, day out can look a little humdrum to outsiders, including those who hold the purse strings.
Sometimes loosening the purse strings and sometimes tightening it.
Those firms, of course, control the purse strings on the economy.
Increasingly, she not only controls the purse strings, she's putting a bigger share in the purse.
The feds hold the purse strings so if they cannot pay for the public defenders, they should not prosecute.
Venture capitalists continue to loosen their purse strings.
Tighten the purse strings and find ways to economize.
What initially tugs on your heartstrings or purse strings could turn into a tug of war.
Dream big, but don't let a gullible nature take control of the purse strings.
The insurance companies control the fees on much of the care because they hold the purse strings.
Now is the time to tighten the purse strings and eliminate needless spending.
As a result, fewer voices are heard and those voices are influenced by the views of companies that wield the purse strings.
The purse strings are the key to administrative control.
Finally, purse strings are the amount and sources of funding, which may have some stipulations on the use of those funds.
And a largely sterile debate continues about brakes versus accelerators or opening wallets versus tightening purse strings.
Because the governing body controls local purse strings, it directly influences the size and scope of the local planning program.
He does not receive an appropriation for their activities, and therefore does not control their purse strings.
These individuals who control the purse strings are called certifying officers and disbursing officers.
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