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Example sentences for purposely

It was done purposely, intentionally and it was planned carefully.
The system is purposely compromised, its accuracy intentionally degraded.
The scientists purposely minimize their contact with the cubs-they never play or talk with them.
Because of this, he purposely tries to do things to get on her nerves.
Prose speeds the eye onwards, while poems resist-and purposely impede- that forward movement.
And a few of their ads have been purposely misleading.
But one potential workplace is purposely missing: a college campus.
What actually occurred in a situation, and how a candidate remembers it, might be incongruent or purposely fabricated.
When you purposely use different words, the audience then has to choose which version of the presentation takes precedence.
The system is being purposely reconfigured to emulate that of industry.
Purposely pick up one of the current bestsellers and read it.
If in fact, the school is purposely providing less time to its adjunct faculty, it is indeed a red flag.
In doing this their own pilot took the chance to run them purposely on a shoal in the intricate channel.
The perfect ball dress is one purposely designed with a skirt that is becoming when dancing.
No one, not purposely seeking the unusual for some reason or other, would omit being before violated in the second.
The online environment has been purposely architected to undermine privacy in order to favor digital marketing and advertising.
But all such refinements delay one who is hoeing in, and they are purposely designed to slow the eater down in his consumption.
Fruit flies will purposely ingest alcohol to ward off parasitic wasps.
Wheeler said he purposely included the controversial energy sources hydro and nuclear.
No one is expecting that you purposely dumped your drink to begin with.
In some environments similar experiments have been carried out, purposely inflicting pain on human subjects.
As for the suggestion that scientists purposely inflict harm on animals with the only goal of profiting.
Researchers will study the case to see if there are ways to purposely switch blood types and avoid rejection issues.
Here's what it does, plus a look at a few other purposely junky lenses.
He would drag himself ever back to the huddle purposely looking injured.
They are all on the moon but in little pieces, purposely crashed to test seismic equipment left by the crews.
If they know enough to answer right they will loose votes, if they purposely answer wrong, they will get humiliated.
EZ, you either do not understand or are purposely distorting the meaning of this story.
There is only a bare stage, the magic tricks are purposely corny, and the largest wild animal is made of chairs.
But he remains weak-to the point of being purposely deceptive-on the time and resources needed to succeed with those plans.
Historians believe that native peoples purposely set fires on a regular basis to improve game habitat and blueberry crops.
It is purposely written to allow flexibility for project specific locations.
Unintentional injuries are those injuries that are not inflicted purposely and that occur without intent of harm.
The park is purposely left primitive to preserve the land's natural beauty.

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