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Example sentences for purposefully

The claim as stated is some combination of incompetently written and purposefully misleading.
She agreed that crime was a big problem and that the government purposefully manipulates crime statistics.
For the moment, she knows that the organism isn't purposefully bringing excess barium and strontium through its cell walls.
The general public is not supposed to be smart enough to understand the things that are purposefully hidden by the select few.
It is purposefully vague, but it is also underpinned by some solid economics.
They said fewer registration kits were sent to their rural strongholds, while cross-checking was purposefully opaque.
One might almost wonder if you're being purposefully obtuse.
If the author was purposefully trying to mimic the maddening cycle of addiction in the book's structure, he succeeded.
It's a culturally oriented event, and purposefully so.
Although they live in a one-bedroom apartment, they are purposefully vague about their partnership.
She marched purposefully around several corners, past closed shops, to a second-floor balcony of empty stores.
Formative research should provide you with the information you need to purposefully select secondary audiences.
These small updates are recognized as drift from the stable, tested base and are purposefully kept to a minimum.

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As both capitalist and communist states—not to mention the technological world—have evolved under the illusion that ... more
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