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Example sentences for purposeful

The purposeful collective activity of ants and other social insects does, indeed, look intelligent on the surface.
Engineering a purposeful tilt or asymmetry takes far more design and study than to build a straight symmetrical building.
Therefore, tools are mirrors of purposeful human consciousness.
Every movement was sure and purposeful as they approached in a rippling of sinew and muscle.
They were in starched white shirts and paper hats, and moved with a purposeful discipline.
Robots need to be able to move in a fluid, yet purposeful manner.
Purposeful pace now, but nothing to attract attention.
If no purposeful object could be rendered because of some material limitation, the patent was rejected.
Purposeful driving is driving for a reason to a specific destination.
These are critical areas of purposeful behavior guided by value orientations designed to revitalize cultural ways.
But she also called the errors careless, not purposeful.

Famous quotes containing the word purposeful

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