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There is little actual religious purpose or meaning to them now.
That's why the purpose of my films is not to preach, but to look at things from the local point of view, in the local language.
Paying off the debt implies the sort of resolve and collective purpose that they lack.
Also, overhead watering defeats the shelter's purpose.
The exteriors-all but one-are mum about their purpose.
Today the stone offers no clue to its original purpose.
He believes that genetic knowledge will strengthen our commitments to each other, not rob us of purpose.
Creative individuals and undeviating purpose and rationality achieve joy and fulfillment.
He approaches every aspect of his life with purpose and intensity.
Now two biologists suggest that these luxurious tresses have a higher purpose than vanity.
But soot particles from automobile exhaust or other types of pollution can also serve the purpose.
One mystery is the purpose of the fine, hairlike filaments that coat the crab's arms and legs.
For the purpose of this exercise, it is not helpful to state which religions participate in which specific practice.
But the true arrangement and purpose of the teeth remains a mystery.
There is in the lean of the horse and the lean of the soldier a unity of action and a harmony of purpose.
Ask one of the students to leave the room for some purpose.
The tail may also be used to maneuver in the water, but its primary purpose is protection.
They will also wallow in mud for the same purpose-and to gain relief from insects.
Probably, however, a brief statement of the contents and sources of the five books will be more to the purpose.
But in its abundance of sentiment and frequency of moral purpose, it has elements which the novel of roguery lacked.
Nevertheless, the real purpose of the war was gained, despite the silent and almost meaningless treaty which concluded it.
No more potent instrumentality for this purpose has ever been conceived and no other is practicable of establishment.
The purpose of a dissertation proposal is for it to be approved.
There are many other viruses and bacteria that are known to be lethal for humans that would be suitable for their purpose.
Lots of new phrases have been minted for the purpose.
Still earlier, the instilling of civic virtues was the ostensible major purpose of higher education.
The purpose of the screening interview is of course to screen out inappropriate candidates.
The purpose of the undergraduate library is to educate students and promote their success.
It defeats the purpose of setting the blog as private in the first place.
That's not to say that interviews serve no purpose in admissions decisions.
Secondary use is the exploitation of data obtained for one purpose for an unrelated purpose without the subject's consent.
Either the student or someone else with access to her computer sent you the files on purpose.
The purpose of writing papers is to convey a message.
And yet they are frequently defensive and troubled, harried by politicians and lacking a clear sense of purpose and direction.
They get so involved in their current activities that they forget their original purpose.
The main purpose of such a tax is not to create revenue to pay for taxpayer funded bail-outs.
Firms gathered data slowly and patchily, through mechanisms not built for the purpose.
Their chief purpose is usually to help sell luxury housing or attract investment rather than turn a profit.
The alternative is to return to the original purpose of copyright, something no national legislature has yet been willing to do.
But limited liability is a concession-something granted by society because it has a clear purpose.
Their purpose is to help their members eat and avoid being eaten.
The inspiration for such general-purpose devices is the human nose itself.
He refused to imbue his music with a patriotic mission or himself with any grand purpose, preferring art for art's sake.
They can also be used as a source of revenue, but their primary purpose is to correct a distortion present in the marketplace.
But many countries have far more reserves than they need for this purpose.
By studying fluctuations in demand he discovered one purpose of the loops: they allow for a more nuanced delivery system.
The purpose of two dials on the back of the device is still unclear, although one may indicate the year.
They suggest my purpose in creating the poster was to merchandise it and make money.
They can't help but ponder the significance of it, wondering about the purpose behind the pattern.
Then again, there's something to be said for a purpose-made stand permanently set up on your desk.
Instead of buying a purpose made camera bag, you can get a small padded pouch to protect it and sling it into a regular bag.
And, besides, consider that the primary purpose behind any commercial is to be memorable.
The purpose of that number isn't to induce guilt, or blame humanity.
Life's purpose is ours to decide and ours to fulfil.
The arguments about life's doctrines should ensue from our choices of life's purpose.
It also helped that the flask had a single purpose, and was not reused to hold multiple products.
Scientists are still trying to understand the full purpose of sleep.
With the coming of the all-purpose tractor, his duties multiplied.
But they also serve a serious purpose for researchers.
However at the end of the day it does not matter, there is no purpose to life.
We have a purpose that is intimately linked with every other molecule and energy form in the universe.
But there are many organizations which run for noble purpose of treatment of low income drug addicts.
Money can't buy happiness because that is not its purpose.
It is up to humans themselves to elect the purpose and format of their life as individuals and as group-members.
Illusions make great eye candy, but they also serve a serious purpose.
The purpose isn't so much to predict how things are as it is to explore the parameter space of the problem.
But as a way to connect with these kids, it has potential to serve a huge purpose.
So right off the start it has failed it's main purpose.
The cities can no longer be left to chance, but placed in a sense of purpose and insight.
Indeed, the true purpose of such plans is usually not to promote saving but to prevent consumption.
But a writer who works with deep insight and truthful purpose can never be guilty of a lack of decency.
It seemed through what had happened to him, he had found his purpose.
Use the checklist below to help you guide your reading and determine the article's purpose and format.
The type of visa required depends on the purpose of your visit.
But the original purpose of privacy was never to shield nefarious behavior.
It was being used for a purpose so opposite to what actually created it.
Obviously, there's a serious purpose to this country street party.
They will be for every conceivable purpose in every conceivable country.
The sheer loathsomeness of nausea and vomiting does seem to serve a biological purpose.
His integration of high-end manufacture with a higher purpose is widely admired among his colleagues in the fashion industry.
These serve no purpose whatsoever and may be ignored.
Inside a prison, cell phones defeat some of the purpose of incarceration.
He acted with a clear political purpose, one that he shared with much of the mainstream religious and secular right.
Some people go running till late in life-for the muscles, they say, but the heart knows the real purpose.
Chen combined the two water-treatment methods by creating a dual-purpose electrode.
While these feats sound entertaining, the technology does have a practical purpose.
Conventional concrete with pores and capillaries doesn't fit this purpose.
His algorithms are good at the nitty-gritty of generating completely novel protein sequences for a particular purpose.
The sole purpose of the fight over this organism appears to be motivated by greed.
Maybe it's on purpose, for confidentiality reasons, but it makes it difficult to gauge whether it's a true innovation or not.
The entire purpose of a system such as described above is to maintain the voter's privacy.
Bending the truth a bit for the purpose of selling a product is an age-old art.
Hypertext's primary purpose is for the sharing of content.
The purpose of a refrigerator is to remove heat from an interior chamber.
The purpose of this security features obviously, is to protect the computer.
Radios and hand signals work far better for this purpose.
Religion confronts the intangible: questions about ethics and the purpose of life.
But sometimes, these body parts are so bizarre that their purpose is a mystery.
Different dialects may allow the whales to identify different lineages for the purpose of mating.
But for all intent and purpose, you're seeing a snapshot of our solar system in seven or eight billion years.
It is always fun to talk about history of physics and this thread certainly served that purpose.
Or the hot new tech could be used for its intended purpose: monitoring medical conditions.
The purpose of the press is to entertain you, not educate you.
Once it's served its purpose, you can simply peel it off.
The main purpose of the work is to build a record of preindustrial sulfate levels and temperatures.
Beams of this intensity, used for this purpose, are complete non-hazards for both plane structural integrity and pilot eyesight.
None of them guessed the true purpose of the research.
Its primary purpose was to further refine engine technology, and also provide a rocket racing airplane.
But the true purpose of life is to further perpetuate itself, all other things follow behind that purpose.
The first step in communications planning is to define your purpose.
The purpose clause is used to help the reader interpret the regulations.
True charity has a purpose beyond the satisfaction of physical needs.
Purpose and heritage result in intense bonding with master.
The show, the memo suggested, is going to try and rediscover its purer vaudeville purpose.
Myths come into existence to answer a question or to serve a purpose, and one may wonder what purpose was served by this myth.
Of course profit was essential to their survival, but it was not the primary purpose of their existence.
The purpose of the hardware is to store and process information.
If the purpose of the harsh sentence was to intimidate others, it has not worked well.
Not a word of it admitted any mistake or confessed any crime, but it was verbiage and it might serve a purpose.
These other causes are not, as the ultras often claim, the product of thinly veiled attempts to smuggle purpose back into biology.
Searching for a place and a purpose for his life, he becomes increasingly frustrated and angry.
The purpose of the debate was not to win but to educate.
Its purpose is to tell people whether they should or should not go to a place to eat there.
In some places you're going to have people pretty aligned on a common purpose.
He felt, rightly so, that the prime purpose of ratings were to give parents information about movies.
They seem to join in search of purpose, excitement or status.
One purpose of the bill is to encourage genetic testing.

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