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Example sentences for purportedly

Interesting choice, made by someone purportedly teaching ethics.
The ivies purportedly deliver both, but it's two different things, which the original commenter didn't grasp.
Participants were to decide how much hot sauce to give to a participant purportedly taking part in a food-tasting study.
Please restrict this nonsense to social sites, not a site purportedly covering scientific issues.
Olson then shifts to the purportedly educational function of violent game play.
The study results purportedly show a correlation between being uninsured and a higher risk of mortality.
So a fight purportedly about cutting the deficit could actually cause it to grow much larger.
They're judging claims purportedly based on facts, or interpretations of facts.
It's an understanding that even when something is an accident or purportedly out of your control, it remains your responsibility.
The police authorities that purportedly hold constabularies to account now will be scrapped.
The basis for the claims was the purportedly illegal exploitation of regional tax-incentive schemes.
My personal sense is that this is a moral and ethical failing of a government purportedly of, for, and by the people.
These signatures purportedly hint at how healthy cells transform into tumours in the first place.
Then you said he's a lightweight because he doesn't read the things he purportedly reviews.
If you had actually read the answers you had purportedly been looking for, you'd know the answer to that question.
Inflation purportedly explains the smooth conditions of the early universe.
Or studies purportedly backed by a tequila manufacturer.
Previous fossils purportedly from this epoch have been fragmentary and were not well dated.
The goal, purportedly, is to help researchers better understand what happens to the body as it falls from such heights.
Juries tend to regard forensic evidence more highly than they regard witnesses because it is purportedly more objective.
The pad covers various reflexology points and purportedly detoxifies the body during sleep.
The company's housing program purportedly provided a way for people to own their own homes within five years.
The money to pay for those homes was acquired from area lenders, purportedly based on fraudulent loan applications.
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