purported in a sentence

Example sentences for purported

And the speed of their purported ascent, through a week of consistently bad weather, seemed equally improbable.
While they are two totally different drinks, both are purported to wake the corpse.
The purported benefits: fewer hospital visits, better care, and much lower costs.
Scores of popular books have seized on this purported dichotomy.
Smoking wasn't purported to be harmful when it became ubiquitous.
All purported to be methods for modeling, and hence understanding, complex phenomena.
Of course, none of these purported medical benefits have any grounding in science.
The response to purported ill effects of global warming is a political question.
It would take many times the currently purported age of the universe to statistically occur.
They were backed up by what purported to be a minefield.
After the friend's purported efforts to return the phone failed, several journalists were offered a look at the device.
Soon, computer users were besieged by terrifying alerts from all kinds of purported antivirus software vendors.
All of those have more evidence behind them than a purported vaccine connection.
This, of course, is the purported rationale for not feeding him minutes.
Other tabloids would scream at you with the purported indiscretions of celebrities.
Success on standardized tests is, of course, only one measure of learning--and only one purported goal of homework.
Your book's appendix of purported remedies is disheartening.
They showed college students a half dozen bogus newspapers interviews and photographs of other purported students at their school.
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