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Example sentences for purplish

They can cause pain in the foot and usually appear purplish in color.
The rows curve tight, but around them is a sort of scar of clay, and the leaves have a purplish blight.
In preserved specimens, the back turns purplish blue.
Strongly iridescent, with a bright blue or purplish blue sheen on the head, while the body is greenish.
In another it coalesced into purplish rafts the size of small swimming pools.
It was perched high on a mountain slope that climbed all the way from the river to a line of purplish summits crowned with white.
They change from brown to purplish-red after they eat, becoming larger and more cigar-shaped.
To make copies, you'd need a sheet of this purplish-looking stuff.
The film is consciously purplish and consciously funny, and the two work together in an original, down- home way.
Parts of the city, which is packed with displaced people, are still covered by a layer of purplish rock up to twelve feet thick.
In a matter of seconds, an eerie purplish light began to emanate from the lamp.
Instead of being a healthy pink, the exposed brain was swollen and purplish.
Feathery, grayish green foliage turns rich coppery red or purplish in winter.
Leaves emerge purplish in spring, turn bright green by summer.
Purplish new spring foliage turns deep green in summer, fiery in fall.
The perennial plants have kidney bean-shaped leaves with scalloped leaf margins and small purplish blue flowers.
Within a few days they may become purplish, then over several weeks fade to a brownish, flat patch.
It doesn't circulate in the blood but is fixed in the tissue cells and is purplish in color.
Canes, leaf stems, and flowering structures are densely covered with purplish-red hairs and small spines.
Flowers are white to pink in flat-topped purplish-hued clusters from the leaf axils.
Potatoes infected with late blight are purplish and shrunken on the outside, corky and rotted inside.
Cyanosis: a dusky bluish or purplish discoloration of skin or mucus membranes due to deficient oxygenation of the blood.
Where growing in shaded areas, the color is muted to a purplish red.
Small tree with rounded crown, pink to purplish flowers in early spring.
The purplish-blue flowers have five equal petals fused at the base.
Mourning cloaks, purplish-brown with wings edged in creamy yellow, prefer willows and cottonwoods.
The carapace varies in color from reddish brown to purplish and may have a gray tint.
They are light rose to purplish, but fade to yellowish with age.
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