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His first prediction concerned the future of concrete architecture-a topic that, for him, was not purely academic.
On a purely visual level, they are appealing for the same reasons their subject matter is: they look delicious.
Purely marine animals, there are no freshwater sea stars, and only a few live in brackish water.
Until now, horse cloning has been a purely scientific experiment.
Sometimes there's a beauty in a purely abstract image.
Sea stars are purely marine animals, even using sea water instead of blood to pump nutrients throughout their bodies.
My threat was purely abstract-the troubling part about foreigners was the idea, not the reality.
The tricky plot locks them into purely functional responses.
Not long ago, he sent another ready-made grievance down this way-purely for inspection.
Apparently, they interviewed me purely for entertainment.
We're talking about economic policies that are not based purely on merit.
While some might make use of it purely for convenience, the bottom line to all this technology is actually access.
If you want a discussion on the purely biological functions of the human body, that is fine, but you must frame the discussion.
He sought a via media between the purely empirical method and the deductive method.
He points out the fallacies involved in the purely historical and the purely personal estimates.
Play it purely, as here, and its resonance speaks wittily for itself.
Even a strong argument from purely factual premises is open to refutation unless it takes into account all relevant facts.
In purely dramatic terms, the results are also mixed.
And it is always purely meat-free so that everyone can enjoy it.
Using purely chemical systems would also take a lot of energy, which early extraterrestrial outposts will likely lack.
Although they are fascinating from a purely scientific point of view, their utilitarian value is not so clear.
The conclusions are purely speculative and misleading.
Actual weight ratios will of course vary, since gasoline is not purely octane.
Clearly from a purely statistical position, that would show a bias toward males.
Some philosophical wisdom is required to understand purely physical concepts.
Science is supposed to be purely observation and an attempt to explain what was observed.
Until recently, these questions were purely within the domain of speculative philosophy and fantasy.
It was obvious that the mutation itself was not purely random but affected by external conditions.
Math concepts developed for purely abstract reasons turn out to explain real phenomena.
They got rid of x-rays, for example, and the orthopedic surgeons would try to figure out where the fractures were purely by feel.
Prior to this, humans relied purely on memory to preserve and transmit information, particularly of an historical nature.
Strings seem to be a set of purely mathematical formalisms with no real-world counterpart.
Amputees often experience pain in a limb that no longer exist, ie purely phantom pain.
Conversely a scientific discipline that has no purely speculative element is not generating any new ideas.
Values must be purely subjective arbitrary things that are a matter of opinion then.
Our grasp on what is possible and impossible is purely based upon our understanding.
Authorities said it had no built-in firing mechanism and was meant to be purely decorative.
It was a difficult thing to do at the time, it was an unusual intervention done purely by us.
Meanwhile, purely robotic systems will take over other space duties.
They are getting more entertainment value out of being amateur producers of this stuff than they would purely as consumers.
Purely mechanical toys evolved into electromechanical toys and gave birth to the digital toy revolution.
To date, the blog has driven its comments and following purely through word of mouth without any advertising.
But this is only preferable so long as a purely electronic display is much more expensive.
On a purely objective level, the lack of activity on the exchange is the result of trading becoming fully electronic.
Such intervention means that it is now too late to insist on a purely free-market solution.
If the operators are indeed purely profit-seeking, then the size of their bid brings the government risks as well as rewards.
Of the five other generals appointed at the same time, two have probably been chosen purely to help his cause.
Gone are the days when it was purely a luxury for the elite.
Many vibrant, purely private companies have sprung up despite this uncertainty, but take care to stay out of the limelight.
People have been buying purely in the expectation of capital gain, regardless of the underlying income stream.
What governments report as their deficits is purely a function of the words they use to describe their receipts and payments.
The first generations of modern mobile phones were purely devices for conversation and text messages.
Officials insist that these gangs are purely criminal and lack a political agenda.
One believes any increased incidence of tumours shown in the study is purely the result of the biases.
Other parts of the protein may play a purely supportive, structural role, holding the molecule together.
The plane will fly around the globe, purely on solar energy.
Any complexity built into a review system is purely to prevent the system from being spammed.
Argento is incredibly interesting in his early films because he is purely compulsive.
Their argument was caricatured by critics as purely humanitarian but was in fact strategic.
Yes, of course, so much better it would be to possess that taste purely through understanding and living.
Rather, they are the consistent expansion of a purely poetic consciousness to its furthest limits.
Digital computer programs by definition consist of sets of purely formal operations on formally specified symbols.
And in doing so, he transformed botany itself from a purely descriptive discipline into an evolutionary science.
It is only when games and sports come to be valued purely as a form of escape that they lose the capacity to provide this escape.
Seeing the future purely in terms of group characteristics and historical experience can certainly immobilize policy.
For this reason it is impossible to parse a particular complex trait into purely genetic and purely environmental components.
Let's go off the scale of tested knowledge and operate purely on the basis of mathematics.
Nor was his influence restricted to purely literary matters.
We live well enough to have the luxury to get ourselves sick with purely social, psychological stress.
The insurance contract is a purely derivative contract, it isn't influencing earthquakes.
There is good reason to believe that the appreciation of solidity by the eye is purely a matter of education.
The notion that biological substances could arise from a purely natural process made scientists cheer and gave the clergy chills.
Purely as rhetoric and persuasion, it's as good a way as he has to cast his arguments in terms the other side might accept.
He never intended to keep the treasure, considering it purely an investment.
Treating this as purely a political talking point seems a big mistake.
And for purely personal reasons, as bad as it is, it holds a special place in my memory.
Some patients apparently do not, taking their own lives to escape from torments felt in purely phantom flesh.
All the members of the ensemble are purely mathematical in nature.
For the students on the purely academic stream it was a typical program of applicable courses and research.
We shouldn't declare them to be incompatible purely on the basis of what they are, which some people are tempted to do.
As to the question of why green is such a narrow band to begin with, the answer is purely evolutionary.
If religion were purely a matter of epistemology, you might have a point.
Looking at the above figures, you can see that the difference could arise purely by chance.
It is a perplexing and challenging idea for anyone who wants to consider time flow a purely relative matter.
And this has caused some rise in sea level due purely to the thermal expansion of the water.
The use of animals and inanimate object are purely for allegorical purposes.
Few diseases are purely genetic, but plenty have genetic components.
Such decisions, difficult enough to make on purely medical grounds, become even more complicated when they involve politics.
On another, purely aesthetic level, they are a sensation.
The problem is that in purely economic terms, this style of selling is a nightmare for consumers and the economy.

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