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Rainwater can be wonderfully pure when it falls through unpolluted air directly into a clean, properly constructed container.
Ever since, carmakers have been placing their low-emission bets more on plug-in hybrids, clean diesels or pure electric vehicles.
Casual observers equate the development office with raising money, pure and simple.
What she had in mind was a vacation, pure and simple.
Some kinds of arbitrage are completely risk-free-this is pure arbitrage.
To more than two billion people, fresh, pure water is more valuable than gold.
There needs to be national standards and a national goal of pure science--science where no one, nor any corporation benefits.
The diminutive engines that power our global village start as pure silicon.
In seedling plants, blossom color varies from white through pure light blue to sky blue.
Pure water is often a fairly rare commodity that requires significant energy to produce.
However, a pure aerogel is no use for either of these applications, as it cannot be magnetised.
Yet, by itself, pure seeing is never enough-and never can be.
Rather, it is a measure of how that gasoline compares with a pure mixture of octane and heptane.
Tumbled and ground in the blender of the geologic past, it is still largely found in veins of pure metal.
Huge, pure white double flowers with vivid crimson flecks make a showy bouquet in a white ceramic vase.
Take a being made of pure energy, born out of an accident in a lab, and spike with plenty of humorous pop-culture references.
On the face of it, the legacy businesses ought to have some significant advantages over the pure plays.
The other is that they're noble and pure people uncorrupted by the decadence of modern society.
But anywhere one uses pure ammonia caution, safety, and ventilation are coins of the realm.
It may be equally likely that the story is a pure invention.
Nothing beats the flavor of a ripe, homegrown tomato-it's the pure essence of summer.
It's a completely different kind of tablet, designed for the pure consumer.
We had four courses in mathematics, two pure and two applied, and that was it.
Money well spent, no doubt, in the interests of pure research.
Similar to species, but with lovely blooms of pure white more add to my plant list.
Some serve the pure function of protecting the concrete.
Much, of course, will depend on how quickly the new plug-ins and pure electrics become part of mainstream motoring.
Healthy populations of pure wild dingoes, he said, would keep the cats and foxes in check.
Entanglement of linear momentum is the odd one, since wave packets are typically expressed as sums of pure momentum waves.
For the first time milk could be kept pure and storable without benefit of refrigeration.
There's no better way to enjoy lobster's pure flavor than to have it boiled and shelled.
Fuel cells generate electricity in a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, which yields only pure water vapor.
We look for more than the circus act of pure technique alone.
Pure white flower clusters are carried on stems long enough to cut for bouquets.
As for ethanol, in its pure form it can damage standard gaskets and hoses.
Pure hydrazine is unstable in air and quickly decomposes, generally within minutes to hours.
While some of the paintings in that exhibition depict the countryside near his home, others are pure fantasy.
Pure white flower clusters carried on stems long enough to cut for bouquets.
When manufacturing medicines, it is especially important to provide a pure product.
Pure idealism and generosity which would be impossible these days.
Vigorous, large-growing vine with pure white bracts add to my plant list.
The heroism of a soldier is no less, and no more, pure than the heroism of a civilian.
Our recipes and easy cooking ideas allow the full, earthy flavor of pure wild rice to shine through.
Although options are centuries-old, pricing them had been pure guesswork.
Pure white flower clusters carried on stems long enough to cut for bouquets add to my plant list.
Pure ground dried red chiles are the star of this simple stew.
Pure diamond is an electrical insulator, but doped, it can become a semiconductor with exceptional properties.
It might not be pure science but this is the way the world works, right or wrong.
Hence, the super-rotation of the inner core is really neither a pure cause nor a pure effect of the magnetic field.
Unless of course their motives aren't pure and this is really all about money and power.
Or, you can forgo the hardware and treat the board as pure sculpture.
We dash in one direction salivating with greed, then turn and dash in the other in pure panic.
Hedge funds are the latest entrants, mostly as pure derivatives traders, although a few sell protection.
The national parks are places to experience the pure joy of nature with your family and friends.
Similar to species, but with lovely blooms of pure white add to my plant list.
It was beautiful, a gem of pure happiness that life throws you once in a while.
Capitalism still needs private equity in its pure form.
That's because work outside of academe requires certain kinds of collaboration that pure scholarship does not.
The trouble with this approach is that pure methanol tends to get everywhere, and thus wrecks the cell.
The smell of the pure oil was intense and pungent, he said.
It feeds insatiably upon generous intentions, but in reality it seems transfixed by the pure grandiosity of being rich.
Drawing on both sides of the brain gives them a tactical edge, even if the pure speed of each hemisphere's processing is slower.
The moment-magnitude scale is not a pure instrument measurement.
Choose pure castings or a mix of castings and compost.
Musicians had no advantage when it came to pure tone thresholds.
There were mountains of pure salt, and erupting volcanoes.
Luscious grenadine and cocoa flavors, with a texture that's pure silk.
He came up with a new idea: to mint, or make, coins made of pure gold.
Partly, that is done by the song's words, but pure melody can also tug at the heart-strings.
To start with, the new regime must admit only pure equity as capital.
And she likes her wines pure, with little or no interventions.
Hybrids hold an overwhelming edge over pure electrics in the survey.
To feed a turbine you need particularly pure steam, which can be a problem if you are in a desert.
And it is further proof, if it were needed, of the advantages of bricks-and-mortar retailers over their pure-play online rivals.
Brokers who for a while put their faith in pure electronics have had to dust off their handsets.
But speculators are nothing but pure entrepreneurs: they take the risks that no one else wants.
But he took it home on second thoughts, and soon found to his delight that it was an egg of pure gold.
He believed woolly mammoths, erupting volcanoes, and a mountain of pure salt awaited them.
The iron isn't pure-scientists believe it contains sulfur and nickel, plus smaller amounts of other elements.
Though dingoes are numerous, their pure genetic strain is gradually being compromised.
From its ankles dangled bracelets with little bells of pure gold.
One criticism may be that your engine pistons could rust if you use a pure hydrogen system.
Of course, all of this is pure speculation, and nobody really knows what causes autism.
And yet time and again, scientists find that the creations of pure thought match what they discover in nature.
The temptations that can disrupt their lives are often pure indulgences.
Those who tuned in late missed the disclaimer that the program was pure fantasy.
The cores will be pure time machines, without the complexities introduced by combining records of change from many places.
The distilled variety is made from industrial vats of pure ethanol.
Many of those advocating more access are well meaning and have pure motives, but they are ignorant of the evidence.
That's a pure ideal of the law, of course, but it can be true of the best of lawyers.
The second flaw in pure free-trade policies is an economic one.
And the decision of who gets the ball first is made by a coin toss, the paragon of pure chance.
While single-origin beans provide pure notes of flavor, blends offer harmonies.
These dogs are pretty similar, as you'd expect when crossing one pure line with another.
My main current interest in personal genomics right now is pure recreation.
Later, humans were again responsible for giving the hybrids an edge over their pure-bred house mouse relatives.
One explanation is that this is pure accident and that there is no deeper reason for the coincidence.
If the chemical is not pure enough, a company must buy expensive purification equipment, which throws off its cost estimates.
Yet the way wafers are currently manufactured wastes half of the expensive, ultra-pure crystalline silicon they're made from.
While the pure acid is corrosive, the mixture of the acid with amines is benign, he says.
Once the initial expense for the solar collectors are paid for the rest is nearly pure profit.
It should be pretty darn pure if it's simply humidity that is condensed.
Most detection systems in use today require a pure sample.
But it also allows solar-cell makers to make do with cheaper, less pure forms of silicon.
Doing this is less evil than waiting for them to engage us in war, on a pure utilitarian calculus.
If research can get down to this singularity, then aseptic, pure cellular power could be gleaned from the beakers.
Finally, this is an article intended for a wide community, it is not a pure science article.
The life-saving potential in relief efforts after natural disasters is obvious, as it is in areas lacking pure water supplies.
He laughed so easily and so frequently, and he had such enthusiasm and energy, that he made the idea of service pure fun.
The images are wrested from their social milieu into pure abstraction.
Grace confirmed that she was working on a book, but insisted it was pure fiction.
The photos, in the first instance, were pure evidence.
The long-building trend toward coverage of the presidency and politics as pure sport has reached absurd levels.
It's a satisfyingly thick, meaty fish with a pure, mild flavor.
They see that war is a state of almost pure sin with its goals of hatred and destruction.
Wiener was unusual among mathematicians in being equally at home in pure and applied mathematics.
The neural design that enables qualia provides the brain with felt perceptions, a sense of pure experience.
The idea that one could use it to predict the future, still more to avoid past mistakes, was pure illusion.
More than any other art form it is pure mental material, as close as one can get to thought itself.
It appears the whole restless labor of his life was overcome by a pure and controlled art.
The probability that the result was due to pure chance was less than one chance in ten million.
The fennel's subtle sweetness and beautiful form are quite sophisticated, but the cake's buttermilk crumb is pure homey delight.
All the fruit flavorings used are the pure oils, the vanilla a pure vanilla extract used along with a little of the bean.
For instance, an onion's skin is literally and culinarily pure gold.
He was motivated by nothing except his own pure-D satisfaction.
And their dabbling with another government shutdown now is pure madness.
The science of surfers is not pure but heavily applied--and completely unsystematic.
It is so unstable that it is never found in its pure form in nature.
It was a feeling of abstract intellectual delight, a pure interplay of musical and physical motion.
Patrol is politics, but narcotics is pure technique.
For pure photography to exist, it must live outside or beyond language, which means reducing it to its literalness.
How charming to hear your pure little voice in the garden from my balcony.
The pure serve-and-volley game may never return, but staying at the baseline is no longer enough.

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