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Emphasize the other definition of scholar, ie, a student or pupil.
Any pupil who cannot keep up has to repeat the year.
Chameleons' eyelids are fused together, leaving only a pinhole open over the pupil.
Look at the center of the pupil and you will see the surrounding purple rings fill with rapid illusory motion.
It would also have to study the drawbacks of life as a pupil in a poor district and take action accordingly.
Watch the eye and you can see the pupil get smaller.
In essence, it performs the same function as the pupil of an eye.
Over the course of a day, the pupil in the cats' eyes changed with the sun.
Districts would evaluate teachers on a range of factors, including pupil performance.
Others believe that the problem lies not with the school but with the pupil.
She is also unbelievably patient-as she must be with this errant pupil.
One eye, which points obliquely downward at all times, even has a mobile pupil that opens and closes.
The pupil, or opening in the center of the eye, got bigger.
He became an outstanding pupil and an upstanding member of the community.
The pupil has some curiosity and he wants to know what grownups know.
The pupil must perform these experiments himself in a laboratory, under the supervision of a teacher.
The result is, the pupil is not trained in exactness and thoroughness.
One would only have to rub an eye after preparing this extract to discover its pupil-dilating effects.
It's the first day of this year's field tests, and the researchers are eager to show off their prize pupil.
It is an effect of the spiked light frequency pattern on the pupil causing a pulsation or flutter response in the pupil.
And because the artist is a pupil of nature, he stands next to the student of nature.
Aurelia, who had been his pupil, went on to become a teacher herself.
The teacher of skills needs some inducement to grant his services to a pupil.
He has responded to her standing offer to examine any pupil who complains of foot pain.
The number of foreign trainers has been doubled, improving those instructor-pupil ratios.
Exclusion disrupts a pupil's educational career and alienates the teachers.
No ill-timed censure ever indiscreetly checked the pupil's communicative temper.

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