pupate in a sentence

Example sentences for pupate

At this stage of its development, a blowfly maggot stops feeding and migrates away from the food source to pupate.
The pests pupate during the summer in the same trees they infested as caterpillars.
First, that's where uninfected caterpillars pupate and turn into adults.
When mature, they burrow out of the skin, drop to the ground and pupate.
When nearly mature, the caterpillars leave the web and burrow inside the flower stems where they pupate.
Eventually the larva bore into the inner bark to feed and pupate.
They stay in this chamber over winter and pupate in the spring, turning into adult beetles.
The larva drops and enters the ground to pupate and remains there until the following spring.
The caterpillars feed for about six to eight weeks and then pupate in a protected area.
Later in the summer, they spin silken shelters in which they feed and pupate.
They burrow one to six inches in the ground to pupate.
He discovered that these parasites decapitate fire ant workers and then pupate in their heads.
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