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The mature larva forms a pupa and transforms into the adult insect which is a gray to brown colored moth with a one inch wingspan.
When they reach full size, they attach to a leaf by their tail, and a pupa is formed.
Once out of the pupa, the damp butterfly inflates its wings with blood stored in its abdomen.
Empty fly pupa were found with the kids' remains, indicating that maggots ate their flesh during natural decomposition.
While in the chrysalis, the butterfly is in the pupa stage of its life.
When caterpillars emerge from their nests, they feed off the trees until they reach the pupa stage or the tree loses its leaves.
We managed to extricate it and put the pupa in a jar.
It needs leafy plants to store up energy for the chrysalis or pupa stage.
The pupa usually does not eat or move around much, but a lot of internal changes take place.
The swallowtail is less visible when it enters the pupa stage.
Next, the larva will form a pupa in the leaf shelter they've constructed.

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