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Example sentences for puny

Both times he was rejected as being too small and too puny.
Begin with a puny budget, considerable resistance and no big names.
In the event, the rhetoric sounded musty as ever, and the announced changes looked puny.
For example, the giant whale shark feasts on these puny animals.
Planets, on the other hand, are too puny and cold to initiate fusion.
Most digital picture frames are limited to puny amounts of built-in memory or require external cards to beef up capacity.
These odd birds are good for eggs but too puny to make a meal.
But steelmakers are puny compared with their main suppliers and customers.
Westerners may laugh at the puny elevations and elevation gains of these peaks.
We are not harmed by this high voltage, because the amount of charge that flows is puny.
And our government spending on social programs is equally puny.
The self-satisfied atmosphere at the central bank hardly corresponds to the puny system it runs.
They should have gone right off the page instead of taking up the puny amount of space allotted.
The economy has stabilised but foreign investment is still puny.
It is puny relative to the size of global markets today.
No pizza slices in this survey came even close to that puny size.
Otherwise, its puny battery would be drained before the day was out-and any unfinished work lost for good.
He wants to make a big, dangerous bet for puny stakes.
To his awe-commanding experience my puny perplexity would have been no riddle.
By regional standards the turnout of protesters has been puny.
They're a puny country in lots of ways, and they've been read minutely from satellites.
We are so puny that our ideal of an instant is sub-second.
Unfortunately, our puny human brains aren't particularly up to the task.
That's why her chances of winning the nomination seem puny.
Current transport revenues are too puny to cover existing commitments, to say nothing of new initiatives.
But if you don't use leverage, the returns are probably too puny.
The ring particles are so puny that you would expect them to quickly scatter and fall into the planet, yet they are still there.
Short legs, bulky body, puny tail--all these add up to an animal that didn't run far while hunting.
Our puny eyes are basically optimized for full terrestrial daylight conditions, which makes us nearly blind at night.
So with the cautions out of the way, let's look at what the figures in this paper might indicate to our puny human intuitions.
It's puny, slow, electric-powered pods that can drive themselves.
Oddly enough, the puny, low-powered computer didn't fit into my lifestyle.
Not necessarily, as the app's puny user interface is quite cramped.
For some trees, the biggest they'll ever be is rather puny.
Then the teacher introduced her car, a rather puny vehicle.
The oldtime circus was a puny forerunner of the mammoth aggregations now on the road.

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