punt in a sentence

Example sentences for punt

Shell, which also took a sizeable punt on renewable energy, admits that its strategy has changed.
Some may be taking a punt on governments as much as companies.
He runs a number of funds that allow patient investors to take a punt on a basket of ideas that may produce a long-term pay-off.
One is said to have taken a huge and disastrous punt on a strengthening euro.
Executives claim that many actions are little more than a punt, and that some are not far off blackmail.
Goldman believes it can continue to punt its own money as long as its risk management remains strong.
Only one bid had been left beforehand with the auctioneer, a punt by a private collector hoping to snap up a bargain.
It is unlikely that a committee would have had the guts to allocate so much time to what was a speculative punt.
In effect, public sector plans have taken a punt on the stock market with taxpayer funds.
If betting on birds is not quite your thing, you can always take a punt on jellyfish.
Also available to members is a punt float for dinghy tie-up.
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