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Evil overlords have a tough time when it comes to punishing geeks.
But their punishing high-speed hits come with an added risk of sustaining concussions.
Even if he couldn't have, punishing him may deter it in the future.
Punishing non-believers has been there from the beginning since it threatens believer's fantasies.
Heaven in punishing the culpable does not permit itself to be deceived by the breadth of a hair.
If it be a fantastic desire, it is better to leave to others the office of punishing him.
The whole proceeding, however, in thus trying and punishing a chief was entirely without precedent.
But recovering from the physical and mental trauma of its punishing blows can present formidable challenges.
The circular migration route is arduous, with varied terrain and a punishing climate.
In my mind, there is a huge difference between correcting and punishing a dog.
To me, punishing often comes from frustration and anger.
Preparing meals, even when they are as simple as rehydrated gruel, can be a challenge in punishing seas.
But the department may have few means of punishing the lending companies.
It's the student punishing him or herself for not turning things in.
Punishing students for speaking their native language, even outside of instruction, has a long history in this country.
In retrospect, it can be said that they have dealt secularism some punishing blows.
The reality is that punishing criminals is neither within the mission nor the power of any university.
Still, their operating of semi-pro franchises is self-punishing.
If service is important in your department for the tenure decision, then your colleague is punishing himself by not doing it.
Punishing them with malware isn't going to make anyone's sales increase.
Asparagus is fun to nibble in a warm kitchen when it's blustery outside, but it is notoriously punishing to wine.
One story line demonstrates the punishing consequences of repression, the other the punishing consequences of liberation.
She ended the next point with a punishing forehand winner, and the break of serve was hers.
Catching and punishing crooks after they've already made off with the swag is not enough.
His working methods, to start with, were punishing to his dancers.
Drought is no stranger to the west, but each visit is more punishing.
Few people in the region would doubt that punishing abuses of power is vital to the health of its democracies.
More and more signs are pointing to a punishing slowdown-with a recession looking likelier by the day.
And one of the jobs of the courts is to police the press by protecting whistle-blowers while also punishing libel and treachery.
Inflation is punishing the prudent savers and allowing the debtors to ignore the reality of their position.
Capital flows should improve a country's macroeconomic stewardship by rewarding prudence and punishing profligacy.
These subsidies would also be less expensive than the current practice of punishing infractions.
Along with the drought has come punishing hot weather.
The tradeoff is a punishing ride and no amenities whatsoever.
But that still smacks of punishing your best customers.
And he's known for doing something rarely seen in government: punishing failure.
At any rate, the author does not seem to be punishing her heroine.
It has suffered several punishing blows, mainly at the hands of those who purported to buttress it.
Projects that must be rushed to completion to meet an urgent deadline can incur punishing overtime charges.
The first, punishing impression is one of blinding glare.
There's no question of punishing previous cardinals who knew about it.
Sometimes, punishing a party for its betrayal of core principles is a necessary act of cleansing.
First, the estate tax doesn't reduce wealth inequality, it reduces wealth by punishing successful people who made money.
When he did hand out mail, he played favorites, rewarding some hostages and punishing others.
They had creative ways of administratively punishing people's families.
It would be really selfish of me to be punishing her in any way.
Human biology reorganized itself to cope with the punishing burden of our oversize thinking parts.
They can take temperatures close to absolute zero, punishing doses of radiation and prolonged periods of drought.
As a rule, a vehicle's dynamic load is far more punishing than its static load.
The bush crackled under a punishing afternoon sun as the government patrol scoured the hillside for enemy tracks.
She says she is as concerned with protecting the rights of the guilty as with punishing them.
Emphasis on discipline that stresses right behavior instead of reprimands that focus on punishing wrong behavior.
We believe raising taxes and punishing business for success is the wrong way to turn our economy around.
Second, the researchers allowed for the cost of punishing a free-rider to decline as the number of punishers increased.
Instead, it focuses on punishing offenders without forcing them to face the impact of their crimes.
Your presence here today is proof of a shared commitment aimed at identifying, punishing and preventing health care fraud.

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