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As soon as their opponents discovered their deception, they were punished.
Alternatively, you could have found yourself in the control condition in which the cheater was never punished.
They do it with the certain knowledge that when things go wrong the taxpayer must bail them out, and they can never be punished.
Abby chased them once and was punished, and that was it.
The small group that continues to question often gets punished or mocked.
The court system might be one place to look for guidance, as people are punished there for killing endangered species.
It's a sad fact of life that some people do horrendous things and must be punished for their actions.
Law breakers, regardless of their origin, should be punished.
The remaining four fifths are usually punished with a jail sentence, a term of probation, or both.
Consumers are insulated from the costs of their decisions and providers are punished for efficiency.
The instinct of the cop was ancient: break the law, be punished.
People were being investigated and punished solely for what they thought.
And each transgression is punished with a verve and thoroughness that would do a slasher proud.
By the same token, as violation rates fall the risk of being punished for those who do offend rises.
Anyone caught taking a bribe, whether a senior minister or the cop on the beat, was punished.
If he resigns now, the dirt will likely never surface, and he will never be punished for his crimes.
The sacred lance instantly punished his frailty, spontaneously falling upon him, and inflicting a deep wound.
The violations of the laws of nature by our predecessors and our contemporaries are punished in us also.
The lightest faults are severely punished in chapter.
Society punished it ferociously and justly, in self-defence.
Promiscuous pillaging, however, was discouraged and punished.
The case still languishes in the courts and the alleged rapists have not been punished.
Prisoners unlucky enough to be caught were punished severely.
They banned them and harshly punished their participants, considering the dances a threat to public morals.
If they spoke their native languages, they were severely punished.
She even punished everyone who used the word by keeping them after school.
They seem to think that because they got caught in a foreign country they should be excused from being punished.
In this particular situation, the elephants have probably tried this in the past and been punished.
The humans should be so severely punished they never recover.
No one lost their job, got fined or punished in any way.
If executives are convicted of crimes, they should certainly be punished.
Nor do senior scientists, who are rarely punished for fraud, set a decent example to their juniors.
These treat apostates as sinners to be punished, not individuals with a right to their own beliefs.
But others want to hear the truth even if nobody is punished.
Carrying a gun illegally will be punished with jail.
There is only limited redress for businesses that feel they have been punished unfairly.
Amnesty found cases of minorities punished merely for talking to exiled journalists.
It would be sad if a politician got punished for telling more than he needed to tell.
But in practice, erring peacekeepers are rarely punished.
At the same time weaker currencies have not been punished in the traditional way-by higher inflation.
Pollution is sin, which implies that polluters must be punished.
And each time they have then punished those who came to power and failed to deliver.
While courts and prosecutors remain unreformed, better policing alone will not ensure that criminals are punished.
If either firm behaves in a predatory way, it should be punished.
More commonly, some crusaders argue that smokers are pawns of tobacco companies, which ought to be punished.
Civil servants were warned they might be punished for taking part.
If you didn't, then your dilly-dallying has been punished with a further ten days of painful anticipation.
Spoilt and petted on one side, punished and hardened on the other.
High school team punished for pink uniform fundraiser.
You've already done the community work-and you've been punished for it.
The offensive language can be punished only in the same way as insult, etc is punished.
Likewise, public colleges will protest if they feel they're being punished for raising tuition in the face of state budget cuts.
Having a voice in shared governance doesn't mean much if faculty members run the risk of being punished for offering their views.
It's not for you to decide whether or how the student should be punished for the forgery.
One should not be punished by exercising one's rights.
People are more likely to be honest if they feel there's a reasonable chance that dishonesty will be detected and punished.
He had had nothing then, having recently been punished by the police for killing an ox.
It doesn't mean he is going to be fired, it doesn't mean he is going to be punished.
It's as if both the movie and its star were being punished for the miraculous simplicity- the sheer obviousness-of their beauty.
In fact, deviating from the herd was often punished severely.
The law must be enforced, and the guilty tried and punished.
Teachers teach to the test and are punished when test scores don't measure up.
If the minister is wrong, or has acted in bad faith, he cannot be punished.
And nobody is going to jail for it, and nobody is punished for it.
Of course fraud is wrong and should be punished, skeptics say.
The best thing is the flat tax so you aren't punished for going up the ladder.
If there is an afterlife, and if behavior is somehow rewarded or punished, you'll still be in good shape.
It's a serious violation of human rights that should be severely punished.
The teachers willing to take that risk should be rewarded, not punished.
When they make the wrong ones, they deserve to be punished.
The productive must be punished for their productivity.
Religion has, historically, shut down inquiry and punished those who dare to ask questions.
They think that the dissenters are anarchists who must be punished before their corruption spreads.
For this-the speculation runs-the museum is being obliquely punished.
Three officers were punished by having disciplinary notes entered into their files.
No one is rewarded or punished because of these tests.
No one in his own part of the dormitory was willing to inform on the others and all of them were punished.
There are crimes but people chosen at random are punished for them.
They can be punished only upon proof of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
Friends and family members are warned to keep their distance, lest they too be branded counterrevolutionaries and punished.
Because he was right, he has been punished as a writer of fiction.
It was obvious, he deserved to be punished in this way.
One study suggests they were punished because of their ability and work.
After one particularly unpleasant shot, she punished the offending club by smacking it into the bottom of her new golf bag.
But he's not going to be punished for this in any way other than loss of reputation.

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