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In this lesson, students reflect on how punctuation shapes meaning, then research guidelines for correct usage.
Figures of speech, parentheses, and punctuation demand notice.
Thus, if an extract ends with a full stop or question-mark, put the punctuation before the closing inverted commas.
Don't worry about spelling or punctuation until you are through writing your poem.
Interesting article, although in desperate need of a good editor and a few dozen punctuation marks.
In texting, you don't have to end a sentence with any punctuation.
And sometimes a procession of such punctuation is a hint that a sentence is overstuffed or needs rethinking.
The punctuation and spelling errors are in the original.
Someone ought to proofread these articles for punctuation before they're posted.
Abstain from the exuberant use of punctuation marks.
It may seem unnecessary to remind university professors to pay attention to proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
The odd punctuation makes it unclear what this means.
Alphabets, punctuation and numerals are represented in cells.
Please ignore the grammatical and punctuation errors in the above.
As for grammar, spelling has nothing to do with grammar, and punctuation even less.
The spelling, punctuation and syntax in this posting are pathetic.
The grammar, spelling, and punctuation must be perfect and the writing clear and engaging.
It makes me question though how journalists come up with the punctuation in supposedly verbal quotes.
Sometimes the sentences have odd punctuation and do not flow smoothly.
There are two ways of going about doing this using two little punctuation marks: periods and plus signs.
Notice not only the missing words but the punctuation as well.
Punctuation is down, and spelling standards are down.
Punctuation is more important than many people realize.
The site seems to discriminate between punctuation marks in different posts.
Please use proper capitalization and punctuation in this academic forum.
In a different thread, someone made the point that emails are informal and hence poor punctuation and poor grammar are acceptable.
Too many of my students still struggle with basic sentence structure, noun-verb agreement, and basic punctuation.
No more lying, no more melodrama, still run-on sentences still funny punctuation but so what.
The punctuation of his various scenes is so delicate that it frequently becomes elusive.
It came unedited and contains misspelling and relaxed grammar and punctuation.
Their troubles and attachments seem almost errant punctuation marks, lost in a sea of white page.
The run-on quality of your posts suggests that: you don't want to take the time to leave markers for clarity, such as punctuation.
Please use standard capitalization and punctuation in this academic forum.
Unfortunately, it's not always easy to find those punctuation marks.
She uses her twirling vibrato as rhythmic punctuation.
The cards include excerpts from journals kept by expedition members-with the authors' original spelling and punctuation.
The movie is all whoosh and whack and abrupt closeups, which serve as jerky digital punctuation.
They concluded that our editors favor captions that are short, original, and don't use too much punctuation.
He generally disdains the intermediate interference of small-bore punctuation.
The punctuation is such that it is not a run on sentence.
Consider your answers carefully, and write in complete sentences with proper grammar, syntax and punctuation.
Punctuation as structure is non-intuitive and error prone.
The definition may appear before or after the additional hint, frequently without any punctuation to mark the point of division.
And maybe the punctuation and pauses between the words too.
The only thing that justifies this kind of punctuation is having a seizure.
Show how punctuation is related to sense, how and when a compound word is used, the significance of capital initial letters.
First, that language differs from one era to the next: archaism intrudes, if only in punctuation and cadence.
Evolution evolved humans slightly behind the point of being able to do correct punctuation.
Debora, your grasp of basic statistics sucks as bad as your grammar, spelling and punctuation.
The transient no longer becomes a punctuation between the stasis, but the thing in and of itself.
But here and there he added a word for punctuation that was so right it spoke volumes.
Well, first off, learn the grammar and punctuation of the language you are using to post on this forum correctly.
The three exceptions to that rule are correct spelling, good grammar, and consistent formatting and punctuation.
By convention, the source itself has no ending punctuation.
Punctuation, one is taught, has a point: to keep up law and order.
In each case, the laughter seemed merely a bit of audible punctuation.
The only thing missing was the triple exclamation marks, which usually served as the only punctuation.
The punctuation referred to the status of her comeback.
Punctuation is required when the introductory statement is an incomplete sentence and the list is followed by a complete sentence.
The moral of the story is: do not neglect punctuation.
Punctuation inside of a search word is treated as a space.
Remind students of necessity to dictate punctuation, ends of lines and paragraphs.
In order to maintain the integrity of the review team's comments, editing was limited to spelling and punctuation.
Search criteria is sensitive to spacing and punctuation.

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