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Example sentences for punctuate

Let me punctuate your readers' points with a couple of other observations.
Someone more grammatically attuned can probably better punctuate those sentence.
The lavish landscape features punctuate the transition from public world to private enclave, and promise a community within.
But it should be recognized that, if such sentences are to be written, there is only one way to punctuate them.
Sprightly bits of lemon zest and garlic punctuate this creamy mayonnaise-based egg salad.
At first he seemed tentative and wooden, stammering and repeating himself, too nervous to punctuate his sentences with gestures.
Projections and silent films punctuate their journey, enveloping the audience in a swirling epic of obsession and rebellion.
My farm has suffered from four- to six-inch rainfalls that punctuate the general dryness.
The heart-piercing moments that punctuate its rambling are glimpses of what a tighter film might have been.
Its long summer days and equally long winter nights punctuate extreme fluctuations in temperature and weather throughout the year.
Guests in the gallery punctuate key aspects of the address.
Floor-to-ceiling windows punctuate a nautical interior providing diners a panoramic seat in the main dining room and bar.
He'd punctuate his round with a nine-yard birdie from off the green at the ninth.
Porches wrap about the first two floors, and dormer windows punctuate the mansard roof.
Do not treat or punctuate symbols as if they were abbreviations.
Rewrite the paragraph on a piece of your own paper being certain to punctuate each sentence correctly.

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