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Example sentences for punctuality

For me nothing remains but to await with patience and fulfil with punctuality whatsoever may be ordered.
Safety continues to improve, and even punctuality is up.
We will miss your warmth and spirit, support and appreciation of family and friends, and unerring punctuality.
Defense lawyers and prosecutors knew him as a stickler for punctuality who was direct and to the point.
Tensions between vacationers may be created by differences in sleeping, eating and punctuality habits.
Yet, commuters strangely keep complaining about bad punctuality.
First punctuality was all but eliminated, then food, then the pillows and blankets.
The judge is a stickler for protocol and punctuality.
The crew would be waiting for me in the lobby, and my punctuality signaled not only my prestige but also my discipline.
They comment and complete each other with unfailing punctuality.
Target behaviors identified were increased punctuality, increased productive hours, and increased credit production.
If punctuality is defined precisely, then it is fixed.
Attendance and/or punctuality is generally acceptable but at times is below average causing some disruption of work activities.
One of its primary focuses is how to train for job-required behavioral skills such as punctuality and taking criticism.
Nicaraguans may arrive late for scheduled appointments, but concern for punctuality is improving.

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